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Chapter 8: Whatsoever You Choose You Become

Have you ever seen any happy moment? watched it? In happiness, you are not. When you are in love, you are not. If love has ever made its abode in your heart, even for a few moments, you are not. When you see the beautiful sun rising, or a full moon night, or a silent lake, or a lotus flower, suddenly you are not. When there is beauty, you are not. When there is love, you are not.

Hearing someone, if you feel there is truth, you simply disappear in that moment. You are not, truth is. Whenever there is something of the beyond, you are not; you have to make space for it. You are only when there is misery. You are only when there is a lie. You are only when there is something wrong. You are only when the shoe does not fit.

When the shoe fits perfectly, you are not. When the shoe fits perfectly you forget the feet, you forget the shoe. When there is no headache there is no head. If you want to feel your head, you will need a headache, that is the only way.

To be is to be miserable. To be happy is not to be. That’s why Buddha says there is no self. He is creating a path for you to become absolutely blissful. He is saying there is no self so that you can drop it. It is easy to drop something when it is not. It is easy to drop something when you understand that it is not, it is just imagination.

Mulla Nasruddin was telling his friends in the tavern one day about his family. “Nine boys,” he said, “and all good except Abdul. He learned to read.”

Now when a person learns to read, difficulties arise; now the self is arising. In villages, people are more happy. They are closer to animals than in big cities - they are far away. In primitive societies, the aboriginals are more happy. They are closer to trees and nature than in London, Tokyo, Bombay, New York. Trees have disappeared, only asphalt roads - absolutely false - concrete buildings, all man-made.

In fact, if suddenly somebody from outer space comes to Bombay, New York, Tokyo, London, he will not find any signature of God there. All is man-made. Looking at Tokyo or Bombay, one will think man made the world. These concrete buildings, these asphalt roads, this technology - all is man-made. The farther away you go from nature, the farther away you go from happiness.the more and more you are learning to read.

God expelled Adam because he ate from the tree of knowledge - he started learning to read. He threw him out - he became knowledgeable. A man is bound to be more miserable if he is more knowledgeable. The misery is always in exact proportion with your knowledgeability.

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