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Chapter 10: Thus Come, Thus Gone

Exactly the same is happening in this chair and the same is happening underneath you in the floor. It is not a marble floor, that is only an appearance, but the energy particles are moving so fast that their very movement, their fastness, creates the illusion of substance. Substance exists not, only pure energy exists. Modern science says matter exists not, only immaterial energy exists.

Hence I say Buddha is very scientific. He does not talk about God, but he talks about immaterial no-self. Just as modern science has taken the idea of substance out of its metaphysics, Buddha took the idea of self out of his metaphysics. Self and substance are correlates. It is difficult to believe that the wall is non-substantial and in the same way it is difficult to believe that no self exists in you.

Now, a few things more which will make it more clear. I cannot say that you will understand it, but it will make it more clear.

You walk, you are walking, you have gone for a morning walk. The very language - that we say “you are walking” - creates a problem; in our very language is the problem. The moment we say somebody is walking, we assume that somebody is there who is walking - the walker. We ask, how is walking possible if there is no walker?

Buddha says there is no walker, only walking. Life does not consist of things. Buddha says life consists of events. And that is exactly what modern science is saying: there are only processes, not things - events.

Even to say that life exists is not right. Only thousands and thousands of living processes exist. Life is just an idea. There is nothing like life.

In the sky one day you see black clouds have gathered and there is thunder and lightning. When there is lightning do you ask, “Is there something behind lightning? Who is lightning? What is lightning?” You will say, “Lightning is simply lightning - there is nobody behind it; it is just a process. It is not that there is something which is lightning. It is simply lightning.”

The duality is brought by the language. You are walking - Buddha says there is only walking. You are thinking - Buddha says there is only thinking, no thinker. Thinker is just created by the language. Because we use a language which is based in duality, it divides everything into duality.

While you are thinking, there is a cluster of thoughts, all right - but there is no thinker. If you really want to understand it you will have to meditate deeply and come to a point where thinking disappears. The moment thinking disappears you will be surprised - the thinker is also gone. With thinking, the thinker also disappears. It was just an appearance of moving thoughts.

You see a river. Does a river really exist, or is it just a movement? If you take the movement out, will there be a river? Once the movement is taken out the river will disappear. It is not that the river is moving; the river is nothing but rivering.

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