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Chapter 2: The Sword of Meditation

So on the one hand, the countries in the West, whether democracies or monarchies, are all Christian and under tremendous pressure from Christianity. And even if their politicians understand what I am saying, in order to remain in power they have to accept what the priests are saying as the truth. The priest has control over the votes; he has control over the masses. In this way, I naturally created enemies in the West.

But the most surprising thing is that because India has been in slavery for two thousand years, it continues to look to the West for everything. Whatsoever is accepted in the West - whether it is right or wrong - becomes accepted in the East. And whatsoever is not accepted in the West - even if it is pure gold - becomes dirt. So because all the countries in the West - the rich countries - were against me, the Indian politicians, even the wretched Indian journalists who live for a penny and are ready to sell their souls for a penny, all started writing against me. They have nothing to do with me; their concern is that the patronage of the West should continue. Outwardly, slavery has gone, but inwardly the desire to remain slaves has not.

I was kept in American jails for twelve days without any reason - without an arrest warrant, without any grounds. But the Indian government could not gather the courage to ask the American government why an Indian citizen, who has done no crime, was being kept in jail, after being arrested without an arrest warrant, forcibly, under the force of guns - and not even allowing him to see or contact his attorney, against all their own rules. The government of India remained silent. India’s ambassador remained silent. Those twelve days were of such shame to me: shame that I was born in India - a country that has no self-respect; a country that has no dignity; a country that has no means to give protection to its citizens. And it would have been possible at least to inquire, at least to ask.after all what is the Indian ambassador who sits in America doing? In those twelve days the only thing that kept piercing my heart like a thorn was, “Has India lost all its soul?”

And the day I was released from the jail - because there were no grounds to keep me in custody - a man from the Indian embassy came to see me, saying, “The prime minister of India has asked us to ask you what can we do for you?”

I said, “Perhaps for the past twelve days, the ministers and the prime minister of India were drugged with opium and the Indian ambassador was lying drunk. Today, when I have been released, you have come to ask me ‘Of what service can we be to you?’ I do not need your services. Yes, if your prime minister ever needs my services, ask me. And it won’t be too long before your prime minister needs my services, because what are the qualifications of these worthless people that you have turned into prime ministers? Is it that if your mother gets shot and killed, you become qualified to be a prime minister? What to say of becoming a prime minister, in this way you don’t become qualified even for an office clerk’s job. Even if both your mother and father get shot and killed, you will still need qualifications to become a peon in an office. This fact in itself is no qualification.

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