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Chapter 5: Capitalism Is Basically Individualism

Noah Webster, the lexicographer, was in his office making love to his secretary, when Mrs. Webster walked in.

“Noah!” she gasped. “I am surprised!”

Quickly pulling his trousers up, he replied, “Not so, my dear. You are shocked, I am surprised!”

The grammarian, the lexicographer, the linguist, is continuously thinking of words. He is right! He says, “No, you are shocked - you are using the wrong word - I am surprised!” But it is not a question of words at all.

Don’t get too obsessed with words; otherwise you will be getting angry again and again. If you want to be angry, that’s another matter; then you can find any excuse. And you will find a thousand and one - I can provide you with as many excuses as possible!

“You say sannyas means to get rid of all conditioning..” Yes, and it includes the obsession with words too. And you say, “to escape out of every cage..” True.

Capitalism is the only state where you are not forced to live in a cage, you are free. But capitalism is in a very dangerous state, for the simple reason that there are only a few people who are capable of creating wealth, and they create great jealousy in others. Those who cannot create wealth become jealous - and there are more of them.

Just think: if society were ruled by poets, people would be angry at poetry, because only a few people are capable of creating poetry - a Shakespeare, a Milton, a Kalidas, a Rabindranath.. Only very few people are able to create poetry, and they would be the rulers. What about the ninety-nine point nine percent of people who are absolutely unpoetic? They would become very angry. Or if the society were ruled by musicians, then what about those who cannot produce music, who are not creative in that dimension? Then Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner.a few people would be able to dominate; they would be at the top. And what about the others? The millions would feel angry. The same is true with capitalism: very few people are capable of creating wealth; it is a dimension of creativity. Not everybody is a Ford or a Morgan or a Rockefeller. This is bound to be so.

But to understand your jealousy and to get rid of it is sannyas. To understand your jealousy will help you tremendously to find your dimension of creativity. Everybody is born with a certain potential, but it is not the same and it is good that it is not the same.

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