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Chapter 22: You Are the Only Hope

Hence I say, all these messiahs, prophets, incarnations of God are simply clever, cunning politicians. They have destroyed humanity, they have poisoned you in every possible way. Whatsoever you enjoy is a sin, and whatsoever you suffer is virtue. Look at their logic! They have made you all into sado-masochists. You cannot recognize it, because all around you are the same kind of people. Just in names they differ - Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, Buddhists - but fundamentally what they have done, and are doing, is exactly the same.

If you relish life, you are condemned. If you renounce life, you are respected. If you enjoy the beautiful treasures that existence makes available to you, you are going into the abysmal depth and darkness of hell. But if you torture yourself.you stand on your head in the hot sun of Oregon doing yoga exercises - which are nothing but inventions of somebody who must have been a masochist - torturing yourself. You fast; the longer you fast, the more spiritual you become.

I don’t see any connection between food and spirituality, between hunger and spirituality. And if hunger is spiritual, rejoice about Ethiopia! Those people are becoming holier and holier every day. Strange that the missionaries - the pope, Mother Teresa, and their kind - are appealing that “Ethiopia should be saved; people are starving, people are hungry, people are dying in thousands.” This is contradictory.

Ethiopia today is the most holy land in the whole world. And if thousands are dying, they will be entering paradise; they are the poorest people in the world. Christians, particularly Catholics, should rejoice all over the world that Ethiopia has become the real holy land - it is no longer Israel. But they are asking for help, for food, for people to come and save these dying, hungry people. For what? to convert them to Catholicism?

These religious leaders need the world to remain poor; otherwise they are out of a job. Mother Teresa receives the Nobel prize because she takes care of orphans. Orphans are absolutely needed; otherwise Mother Teresa loses her Nobel prize. It is necessary to create more orphans so more Mother Teresas can be there. They become respectable, they receive prizes, honorary degrees. They are welcomed all over the world, they are thought to be great saints.

And to create more orphans, birth control methods should not be used. Abortion should be illegal, criminal. If birth control methods are used, and abortion is legal, then from where can you get the orphans? Those orphans give business to the priests, to the pope. And those orphans are your power, because you will convert them to your religion. It is a simple politics of numbers.

I would say: if you don’t want poor and hungry people, starving people and dying people, and countries like Ethiopia, then you have to get rid of all your messiahs, your prophets, your incarnations of God, because they are basically, originally responsible for all this misery, suffering, pain.

No, I absolutely deny having any kind of relationship with these people. I am a simple human being, just the way you are. I am not special in any way.

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