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Chapter 14: The Only Hope: The Enlightenment of Humanity

I started the journey alone. People went on coming and joining me; now there are thousands of sannyasins. And do you see? - I have not been very long on the road, just twenty-five years. And the difficulties that I have been facing you will not be facing. The problems that I had to face, you will not be facing. One day, alone, I started. Now my candle is burning in thousands of candles.

Each candle has the same potential:

It can light up millions of candles.

In the coming fifteen years everything will become intense.

The danger will become intense.

The challenge will become intense.

The possibility of ultimate destruction will become intense.

And the possibility of ultimate transformation will become intense.

In these fifteen years everything is going to take the intense-most form possible because a planet that has been working for millions of years to create human consciousness has come to a space where either death or total transformation will be the only alternatives.

Old religions are just dead. They don’t give any option; they are dying with the dying society, and there is nobody except you.

You should understand the gravity, the significance, the responsibility. There is nobody on the whole earth like you, nobody who has dropped all rubbish that is old and who is ready to become a new kind of man. Don’t be worried that you are such a small minority.

The day I started I was alone. Even at that time I did not think that I was a minority, because truth is never a minority.

Truth is always the whole - not even the majority but the whole, one hundred percent.

My grandfather used to ask me, “Just alone you are thinking to transform the whole world?”

I said, “Just with a small candle I can burn the whole forest. An atom bomb is not needed, one just has to choose the right timing. If the wind is blowing towards the forest then just a single candle - and the whole forest will be afire. So don’t think that I am alone, and what can I do?”

My grandfather was not alive when I started initiating people into sannyas, otherwise he would have been immensely happy that what I had said to him has happened. You are not a small minority, don’t think in those terms.

A single sannyasin - even a single sannyasin - is not a minority, because the truth that burns in him and the light that he holds in his hands, the torch that he holds in his hand, is enough to create the whole face of the earth.

And it is going to happen - and not with God’s help, because God’s help has been coming for thousands of years and you see what has happened.

This time, without God - at least give it a try this time without God, without heaven, without hell, without all that crap!

Just give a chance to pure humanity, to the ordinary, natural human being.

And I say to you it is going to happen - no God can prevent it.