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Chapter 8: The Whole Sky Belongs to You

In my town, just near my house there was a very old tree. My window was just near the tree, and I didn’t like people walking, coming and going, so I spread a rumor that there was a ghost. By and by, it became a reality. First people laughed, but even in their laughter there was fear.

I had an old servant, so I told him one day to just sit in the tree, and when people passed by, to just create noise. The whole town recognized the fact that this was the truth. My family knew that I wanted absolute silence near that tree so that nobody would pass. But by and by, they also became afraid - “Who knows?” I told them, “You know that this is just a trick!” But they said, “When the whole town believes, and nobody walks on that path in the night, and even in the day people are afraid.who knows?”

Once you believe, the unreal thing becomes real. Your belief makes it real: then it hurts, then it hurts almost as if it were real. It is only a question of belief. Man is a believing animal. Whatsoever you believe, you make it real by your belief And you can come to know the reality only when you drop all beliefs.

Remember, you can face reality only when you drop all beliefs, all conceptions about it, and you come naked, nude and empty; carrying no philosophy, no belief, nothing - not even the belief that “I am.” That too is a belief. Just come empty, innocent, not knowing anything, and then the mystery will be revealed to you; not before it. And the ego is one of the most unreal things; but one wants to believe in it, one wants to be someone. To be nobody needs much courage. To be a nothingness needs infinite daring. Only a Buddha or a Jesus - rare human beings - come to realize that emptiness. And through that emptiness is realized the fullness of life.

The second question:

Sometimes I feel I don’t exist. When I come into a room, no one sees me. When I speak, no one hears. When a friend touches me, I am not solid. I feel like a piece of quicksilver that runs away from between your fingers. How can I lose myself if I am not there?

It is a very basic question. It has to be understood in many steps.

First: nobody can see you except yourself, because the others can see only your periphery, not you. They can see your body: they can see your eyes, your face, but not you. You are hidden deep behind. These are all curtains; these are all like clouds. Your light, your flame of life, is hidden deep behind. Nobody can penetrate it, you are impenetrable.

Except you, nobody can see you. Except you, nobody can touch you. Except you, nobody can feel who you are.

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