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Chapter 4: Jealousy: Society’s Device to Divide and Rule

I stood up and told my teacher, “Please forgive me. I think this man Mahmud was an idiot. In the first place, to invade somebody for no reason..” Those people had not committed any crime, and in fact they were powerful enough - they had defeated him eighteen times - to have invaded him. But Prithviraj Chauhan never went beyond his borders. He could have defeated Mahmud, thrown him out and come back. But he never invaded, otherwise it would have been the simplest thing to do.

If the enemy is defeated then why leave him his kingdom? He could have finished this man Mahmud in the first attack. He could have taken over his kingdom and there would have been no chance for Mahmud to attack again. But Prithviraj Chauhan was a man of far superior humanity; Mahmud was never attacked. Prithviraj Chauhan was told again and again by his prime minister and court people, The best way is to finish this man and take his kingdom. If you leave him, within two or three years he will again gather forces and be back, and again we will]l have to fight. This is strange - why do you leave him be?”

But Prithviraj Chauhan said, “Those people of his kingdom have not done any wrong to us nor done any harm to us. How can I invade them? My army is not to invade countries, it is only for those rare moments when some fool attacks us. Then it is a defense force.” He was a man of a sophisticated mind, a man who could see that this was stupid. He said, “Don’t be worried. This man, sooner or later, is going to drop the idea.”

I told my teacher, “Don’t praise Mahmud in front of me and don’t tell me, ‘He was such a great optimist and you should be like him.’ I can forgive the spider, nobody expects a spider to have any intelligence, and I can certainly say that the spider was not counting the number of times that he had fallen. He may not have even been aware of what was happening.”

Spiders, ants, and those kind of people - you throw them away, and by a strange logic they will immediately run back towards you. The whole room is available, but from wherever you throw them they will run back in exactly the same direction. What stubbornness! If they have some intelligence, at least that direction has to be avoided. It is possible for it to escape anywhere.but strange, you go on hitting a spider and it will come back again towards you.

“That spider was not counting, was not optimistic. This was just Mahmud’s old ego finding some excuse again, finding some way to go to his people and say, ‘Don’t be worried - perhaps this time we will win. And one never knows about tomorrow, so let us try once more.’ But don’t tell me that this Mahmud was an ideal person. To me he is an ugly man, just a spider. I don’t count him among human beings. And if this is going to be taught in the history class, then it is not for me. You are teaching us in a clever way to fight, to destroy, to kill, to put others lower than ourselves.”

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