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Chapter 20: Without Ice Cream No Love is Complete

So take care of him, his clothes, his food, his cleanliness and slowly, slowly the man and his hardness - which is natural to him - will start melting. He will also start thinking, “Poor Mayoori is doing so much for me; I should also do something.” Then he is certain to bring ice cream. And without ice cream no love is complete. I don’t know why it is so, but it is so!

Niskriya was very happy when he saw Mayoori approaching him. For three years he has been dreaming about her - a beautiful woman - but I don’t think they could manage to be together long. They both need a certain art and a certain understanding.

Unfortunately the world has taken it for granted that everyone knows how to love, so no educational system, no university has courses for the art of love. It is very strange that the most important thing is neglected.

One day when I was sitting with the vice-chancellor in his room, a girl came in with tears in her eyes, but I could see that behind her tears there was a subtle joy. And she said that a certain boy was harassing her. He takes the air out of her bicycle tires, he throws small stones at her, he continually writes letters.

“Even my family has become concerned because he never signs them. They also harass me, ‘Who is this man and why does he go on writing love letters to you?’ I know who he is, but I cannot tell them because then there will unnecessarily be a quarrel and fight. I have come to ask you to do something and prevent this harassment.”

The vice-chancellor said, “Don’t be worried, I will call this boy right now and it will not happen again.”

I said, “Wait.”

He said, “Why?”

I said, “Wait. Before you call the boy I have to ask a few questions to you in front of this girl.”

He looked a little shocked - I was a professor in his university. He said, “You always behave strangely. It is none of your concern.”

I said, “It is my concern, it is everybody’s concern. Answer me honestly. When you were a student in the university at this age have you not done the same things to any girl?”

He said, “My God!”

And I said, “Remember, you cannot deceive me and you will lose all your honor in my eyes if you deceive. Tell the truth.”

He said, “Yes, I used to do such things.”

I said, “One part of it is clear.”

The girl was amazed. Tears disappeared, she was almost smiling, and I said to her, “Now you ask yourself, are you really interested that nobody should harass you, nobody should throw stones at you, nobody should take air out of your bicycle tires, nobody should write you love letters.? Be honest the way the vice-chancellor has been honest. Will you be happy then?”

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