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Chapter 22: The Distillation of Rebellious Spirits

The young man said, “Then why did you want a lift?”

He said, “Just because I see a potential in you, that you can become my messenger.”

The young man said, “My God! Your messenger? If I say to anybody that you are God they will think I am mad!”

But God said, “Try,” gave his picture to him and disappeared.

The young man looked at the picture and said, “It is better to keep silent about the whole thing. Either I am hallucinating, dreaming.”

He came home. His wife looked at him and said, “You look very worried.”

He said, “No, nothing, there is nothing.”

She said, “But you look very worried and pale and afraid, as if you have seen some ghost or something.”

He said, “My God! You think I have seen something?” He took out the picture and showed the wife: “Can you recognize this man?”

She said, “He looks like a hobo - perhaps an old cricket player, or maybe he just got a hat from some old clothes store. And what kind of clothes.? Where did you find this picture, and why did you bring it home?

He said, “Can you keep this thing secret? I have something to tell you. Close the door. This man is God. He asked for a lift.”

His wife looked at her husband and said, “Wait, I will phone the doctor. What are you saying? - God asking for a lift in your car? And he has given this picture to you?”

He said, “Yes, he has given this picture to me so that I can become his messenger. He wants me to become his messenger”

The wife said, “The first thing is, meet the doctor.”

He tried hard: “I am perfectly sane, there is no problem.”

But the wife said, “If you think this man is God, it is certain that there is some problem!”

So she takes him to the doctor, and the doctor is also puzzled. He said, “I have seen many ideas about God but this is an absolutely novel idea. Where did you get this picture?”

He said, “From God himself. He himself gave it to me by his own hand; and he has shown a miracle too.” And he told them about the miracle.

The wife, the doctor, the nurses, they all laughed; they said, “This is.!”

So he said, “Wait.” He raised his eyes upwards and said, “God, now please help me.because these are all my friends. The doctor is my friend, the family doctor; my wife, the nurse - there is nobody from the outside, we are all like family. Please appear, otherwise they are all going to think that I am mad.” And suddenly the man came out from the ceiling!

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