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Chapter 8: Zen without Writing

You are unnecessarily fighting. In meditation you are entering a river of consciousness. So many people around you creates a tremendous force, a stream. Enter into it like a swimmer, not fighting, just floating, and see what happens. It is an art.

I cannot tell you, I can just indicate, and you have to experience. You have to wait until the experience happens to you, a single moment of experience that nobody is against you, nobody is going to harm you, this whole existence is homely. Then there will be no hurt.

And I say: Even if your bone is broken there will be no pain, there will be no hurt. If you fall down and you die, even then there will be no pain. If you are just falling back to mother earth there will be no pain. You are simply absorbed.

And who knows, in meditation just someone bumping into you may become your first glimpse of enlightenment, because it is a shock - a sudden awareness comes to you. Who knows, just falling on the ground and breaking a bone may become your first satori, your first enlightenment. Nobody knows - life is mysterious. Enlightenment has happened in such different ways. Nobody knows.

Do it in love. Feel at home and allow things. If somebody bumps into you, let him bump. And let him pass through you, don’t be a wall; don’t come in his way. Allow him to pass. Be porous.

Enough for today.