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Chapter 5: Rebellion Should Be Hilarious

Yes, if you love your children, and if you enjoy your children, do whatsoever you want to do. It is not a sacrifice, it is not duty; it is love, and out of love you can never feel resentful. And if it is out of love, your children cannot be, deep down, angry against you. These so-called beautiful words - sacrifice, duty, responsibility to the nation, to the religion, to the culture, to the civilization - are all ugly.

German youth is more attracted towards me for the simple reason that I am teaching just the opposite of what they have suffered at the hands of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler has paved the way for me. Nobody can prevent me from taking over Germany.

The German government is doing everything so that I cannot enter Germany. That is enough indication that the paranoia and fear have already reached into the hearts of those who are holding the power.

They have put a few cases against me. I have never been in Germany - I was really amazed. How can I commit any crime? - I have never been there. But they have put cases against me for two reasons. They can refuse entry to a man who is under litigation. Or they can let you enter and then imprison you because so many cases are against you; you cannot leave the country until all the litigations are over.

I rejoice at their fear. Whenever a government becomes afraid of me, it brings great joy to my heart. That means my work is happening. The governors, the presidents are somehow trembling within. To hide that trembling they will do all kinds of things.

But whatever you do, your edifice is crumbling. The fear is not coming because of me, the fear is in you.

And it is a strange experience.. For example, here in Oregon we are such a small commune, but we are not afraid of the Oregonians. We are not frightened by the vast numbers of them-and they are trembling with fear, trying in every way to prepare themselves. They have kept their army on alert. For this small commune you need the army to be on alert? They have told their army that any moment they might be ordered to reach Rajneeshpuram within three hours.

We have not done any harm to anybody. In the four years we have been here, we have done great service to this desert, to Oregon. We have made Oregon’s name world-famous. Otherwise, I myself had never heard the name. But now, all around the world Oregon has become the focus; they should be grateful to us. And we have converted their desert into an oasis, full of laughter, love, dance, song, music. No desert is so fortunate as this desert we have turned into an oasis! They should be grateful.

For fifty years this land was for sale and there was nobody to purchase it. Who purchases deserts? And what are you going to do with a desert? And not a small one - one hundred and twenty-six square miles! Just to put a fence around it means thousands of dollars.

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