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Chapter 5: Trust Is Natural to Man

The tape recorder was put on and the psychiatrist left, but after just two minutes he saw the man leaving the office. He ran after him, stopped him and said, “So soon? You could not have talked much to the tape recorder.”

The man said, “Listen, I am also a very busy man. In fact, more busy than you. And you are not the first psychiatrist I have consulted. Go back to the consulting room and you will see sitting just by the side of your tape recorder my small dictaphone - talking to the tape recorder.”

Knowledge is just like this. Nobody is present: dictaphones talking to tape recorders. Your mind is just a tape recorder and scriptures are old dictaphones - an old medium, but still the same. Somebody has said something, it is recorded there. Then you read it and it becomes recorded in your own tape recorder - but there is no personal touch.

Knowing is personal, knowledge mechanical. Through a mechanical approach you can never come to discover the reality, the truth. It is going to be a dead affair. You will attain much information, but you will never attain to transformation. You may come to know many things, but you will never know the thing which needs to be known: the being that you are and the being that surrounds you - and that which surrounds you is the same as that which is within you. A deep personal contact is needed. That morning in the River Jordan, Jesus came in personal contact with the divine. John the Baptist initiated him to be a nothing.

When you come to me, you are not coming to a man who knows much, you are coming to a man who has a lot of nothingness in him. I can share that nothingness with you. The day you are ready to share my nothingness, you are initiated.

You can be here in two ways. You can be a student. Then you will be related to me in a mechanical way, you will collect information from me - which was never meant to be done. You will start knowing many more things from me. That is an addiction. The ego may feel stronger, but the soul will become more and more impoverished. Or you can be a disciple here and not a student. Then you share in my nothingness. Then by and by you disappear completely. Then there is nobody inside you who knows - and that nobodiness is the only way to know. In that nothingness your heart is open, in that nothingness the island disappears and you become the continent. In that nothingness the separation disappears: you become the whole. Then the whole exists through you.

The rabbi was right who said, “God shouting to man: ‘Enthrone Me!’” Jesus, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, all are shouts of God to man: “Enthrone Me!”

Immediately, Jesus started to preach:

From that time Jesus began to preach.

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