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Chapter 7: Eternity in His Hands

Nobody can argue with a woman. As far as I know, up to now nobody has been able because the woman does not allow you to argue. She has her own, totally different methodology. She throws things, she breaks plates, she beats small children - that is her argument. And the husband has to agree with her; otherwise she will burn down the whole house! He has to say, “Yes, you are right.” And he knows that she is not right at all, but what to do? She has taken such a position that it is better to agree in the very early stages. Later on, it becomes more and more difficult and the distance becomes bigger and she becomes more and more insane.

You cannot argue with insane people. And the woman has found that it is very beneficial to her: the husband has to agree at some point, without fail. She has only to press more and more, give him as much pain in the neck as possible and finally she is always the winner. So, husbands who are intelligent enough accept defeat from the very beginning.

That’s why there is only one kind of husband in the world, and that is henpecked; there exists no other kind, a single category. It is better not to get into the argument at all.

Two men used to sit in a pub, late in the night after everybody else had gone. When the pub would be closing, then, very reluctantly they would leave. They were strangers, but by and by - because every night they were the only ones, the last to get out of the pub - one finally asked the other, “What is the matter? Why do you go on sitting here?”

The other man said, “It is very simple, that’s why I have not asked you. It is my wife. Until she is asleep, I have to remain here. If I find her awake, then there is bound to be difficulty. She will create some kind of trouble.” And then he asked the first man, “Why are you sitting here? I think the problem must be the same.”

The other man said, “No, I am not married. It is because there is nobody at home, just an empty, dark house.”

The man who had a wife said, “You idiot! You are the luckiest man. You should enjoy the darkness of your house! Listen to me, I am more experienced. You are wasting your time here in the pub. I have to, but you don’t have to stay here.”

But this is the problem. The people who have not known women will never know that they are a different kind of creatures - very nice to look at, very good to meet at the beach, but just keep a distance. Once you come closer, into their grip, then you know - “My god!”

Hindus have a temple in Calcutta, perhaps the most famous temple of India. It is a temple of the Mother Goddess Kali, a black woman, ferocious, with four hands. In one hand she has a naked sword, in another hand the head - just the head, freshly cut, the blood is dripping - standing on the chest of her own husband.

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