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Chapter 14: The Best Government Is No Government

The Sikhs in Punjab want their state to become an independent nation. I don’t see anything wrong in it. If that’s what Sikhs want, then who are you to prevent them? What right have you got to prevent them? If they want to become an independent nation they should be welcomed into the community of nations. India should not create trouble for them. That’s what India has been doing: killing thousands of Sikhs. Why? - because India should remain united. But why? What is the value of remaining united, for what?

The same game has been going on a long time. In 1930 Mohammed Ali Jinnah said that Mohammedans want an independent nation. Mahatma Gandhi continued in every direct and indirect way to spread the idea that India should remain united. But why? As if unity in itself has some value!

Just look behind it. India should remain united because in unity is power - and in power is the whole of politics. The bigger the country is, the more powerful it is against the neighbors; and the people who rule the country, they are also more powerful.

Of course Jinnah was a very cunning and clever politician - just the right person to oppose Mahatma Gandhi: otherwise it would have been very difficult for Mohammedans to get a separate country. Gandhi’s whole politics was, that the country remain one: Hindus and Mohammedans are all brothers. But these are just words of absolute meaninglessness..

When Gandhi’s own son became converted to Mohammedanism he was so angry that he abandoned him. What happened to Hindu-Mohammedan brotherhood? If they are brothers then there is no conversion. Just from this house the son has gone to another house - there is no problem. Gandhi should have welcomed it. But he forgot; for a moment the real Hindu came in, the politician’s mask slipped. He never saw the face of his own son again.

He instructed his family that when he died, his eldest son should not put fire to his body - which is the traditional way in India: the eldest son puts fire when the father dies.

Haridas was his eldest son, but he had become a Mohammedan. Now, if Hindus and Mohammedans are brothers, Haridas has done really a very Gandhi act; Gandhi should have been happy. But no, Haridas was not allowed.. He was following at the end of the procession of Mahatma Gandhi after he was shot.

All his brothers, the leaders, the president, the prime minister, the cabinet ministers - they were all with the body of Mahatma Gandhi. Haridas was just in the crowd, tears in his eyes, nobody even bothering about him, that he is the eldest son. He was standing by the side at the funeral when the fire was given, tears in his eyes. But Gandhi was very strict in his orders: “He should not be allowed even to touch my dead body.” Haridas simply touched the ground and disappeared into the crowd.

Why did Gandhi want India united? One thing was certain: Hindus are the majority in India, so if India remains united, Hindus will remain in power. That is obvious. A Hindu will be the prime minister, a Hindu will be the president; Hindus will be in every high post. Mohammedans cannot compete.

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