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Chapter 30: Doubt Is My Fundamental Teaching

Just today Hasya - she is the new president of the Foundation - moved into the president’s room and she could not believe it: there was a door going underground, and they had a few rooms underneath that room which nobody in the commune knew about, and a tunnel which goes out. In any case, if somebody attacks or takes possession of the house, people can escape by the tunnel. So they have been preparing really well, doing things mathematically.

And in whatever they have left in the rubbish, we have found literature about how to make bombs, materials out of which bombs are made, material on poisons, in what doses poisons can kill and how they should be given. We have also found that the fire that had happened in Wasco County, in one of the offices, was the work of this group. They burned the whole office because the county had the papers against them and they wanted to burn all those papers.

Today one sannyasin phoned from Germany. Knowing that Sheela and her company had left, he was immensely happy. He was our best pilot, and nobody knew why he was sent to Germany, to a commune where there is no airport, no airplane. He was sent as a punishment, because Sheela wanted him to take one airplane full of bombs, full of petrol, and crash the plane into the Wasco County building, and before the crash happens he should jump out with a parachute to save his life - “but destroy the building and have enough bombs and enough petrol so that the fire burns the whole place.”

He refused. He is a simple man. Because he had refused, and afraid that he might tell this thing to anybody, they immediately packaged his luggage and sent him to Germany.

I informed him that, “You come immediately, because your evidence to the government will be of immense help.”

The whole day the office is buzzing with phone calls from all over the world about how people have been thrown out of the commune, humiliated - and particularly those people who were more devoted to me, have lived with me longer than Sheela, knew me more than Sheela. She did not want anybody like that here. And she had arranged a clique of almost all new people who had no idea of my ideology, so that whatsoever she said, they thought that she had brought the news from me.

We are informing the police - we have informed the police, the state police, the federal police, and we have asked the German police, the Swiss police, because they are hiding in Switzerland in a small village near Zurich. And just today I received the message that they are spending fifty thousand dollars per day. So that means our people have to look into the books well, because from where have they got the money? They have left the commune in fifty-five million dollars of debt.

So it has really turned out to be a criminal gang. But deep in the unconscious every man has the same possibility. One just needs opportunity. They got the opportunity.

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