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Chapter 19: A Mystic versus America

Nobody can take away the tax-exempt status from Rajneesh Foundation International. If they even raise the question, I am going to prove to them that all the religions should be stopped from being given tax-exempt status. They have done only murders, rapes; they are criminals.

It is only a meditative person who becomes silent, serene, centered, reaches to his innermost core. From there arises the fragrance of truth, love, compassion. He will not be a Christian, he will not be a Jew, he will not be a Rajneeshee. He will be only a mystic, one who has known his own mystery.

So, by declaring Rajneeshism dead, I have made you alive. I have given you the real dimension of flowering and blossoming and growing into true religiousness. I call my way, the way of religiousness - but it is not an organization, it is an individual inquiry.

You are worried about my immigration status. Don’t be worried about me, I can fight with all kinds of idiots without any trouble. I don’t need any legal support.

A way of religiousness certainly.. I am not the leader of a religion, because the leader - the very word leader is ugly. It is political. I am a friend, a guide, a philosopher. And if you don’t have any category for a friend, a guide and a philosopher, then create a category.

Laws are for man; man is not for laws.

You have never encountered a man like me; naturally you don’t have any category. But now I am here, create a category for me. I don’t belong to any other category, I have my own category. But nobody can say that I am not religious, that I am not loving, that I am not a guide to millions of people.

So don’t be worried about anything. Let them worry; they are already worried, and now they will be worried even more. They have been trying, but they cannot prove that I am not religious, they cannot prove that I am not meditative; they don’t have any criterion for it.

I can prove that Jesus is not religious, is not meditative - and the whole of Christianity goes down the drain. I can prove that Mohammed is not meditative, is not a religious person - and the whole of Mohammedanism is nothing but a political strategy, a lust for power.

I am open and ready to challenge all these people. Pope the Polack - he is welcome. He can come here and be our guest, and have a little discussion about meditation, what he knows about it. These are the people who have created all the poverty in the world. These are the people who are still teaching against birth control. That means more poor people, and more clients for them to convert to Catholicism, to Christianity. Their interest is not in the sufferings of the poor, in the sufferings of the orphans. Their interest is in more orphans, more Catholics.

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