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Chapter 4: Because You Are Buddhas

But if you have experienced the nonbeing, what is the need to ask? There is no “if” if you have experienced. If you ask, you may have imagined that you experienced the state of nonbeing - because from the state of nonbeing, no questions arise. They cannot; there is no possibility. Who will create the question in a state of nonbeing? Once you have known that shunya, that emptiness, nothing arises.

You must have imagined. And it happens: before one achieves to the state, one imagines it many times because of desire. Listening to me continuously, you create a desire: how to be enlightened, how to be free from all this suffering. That desire will create dreams. If the desire is very intense it will create such vivid dreams that they will look like visions. They will be more real than ordinary reality; and then you will be thinking that you have experienced. No.

If experience of nonbeing happens, all questions dissolve - not that they are solved, no question is ever solved, but because questions are absurd. They cannot be solved. All questions are absurd. When I say this I mean: if somebody asks, “What is the smell of red color?” the question looks grammatically right, but it is absurd because red color, or any color for that, has no connection with any smell. But somebody asks, “What smell is red color?”.it is absurd. All questions are absurd; so they do not need to be solved.

Once you are silent, absolutely silent, you suddenly understand the foolishness of all the questions - and all the philosophies, because all the philosophies depend on the notion that questions are worthwhile to be answered.

No. You can imagine; when you imagine then this will happen.

I have experienced the center of nonbeing from which all being arises as well as the ecstasy of which you speak. If I ask what do I do to jump into enlightenment.?

But what is the need now? You say you have experienced the center of nonbeing. You say that you have achieved and experienced the state of ecstasy. This is enlightenment. Then any jump will be jumping out of it. So please, don’t jump! Now jumping will be dangerous. You will jump into the world again. This is for worldly people that I am shaking - “jump into enlightenment” - not for buddhas, those who have attained. They should not jump. They should avoid all jump and all temptations to jump; otherwise they will be back in the world, and then again the trouble will arise.

Remember not to become victims of imagination. Imagination can play tremendous games - not only with you; it has played with everyone. Whatsoever you demand, it can supply you.

It happened: Mulla Nasruddin applied for a job on a ship. He was interviewed. The man who was taking the interview asked, “If there comes a storm, what will you do?”

He said, “I will put down an anchor.”