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Chapter 7: Turning the Key

Master Lu-tsu said:
When the light is made to move in a circle, all the energies of heaven and earth, of the light and the dark, are crystallized. When one begins to apply this magic it is as if, in the middle of being, there were nonbeing. When in the course of time the work is completed, and beyond the body there is a body, it is as if, in the middle of nonbeing, there were being. Only after concentrated work of a hundred days will the light be genuine, then only will it become spirit-fire. After a hundred days there develops by itself in the midst of the light a point of the true light-pole. Then suddenly there develops the seed-pearl. It is as if a man and woman embraced and a conception took place. Then one must be quite still and wait. In the midst of the primal transformation, the radiance of the light is the determining thing. In the physical world it is the sun; in man, the eye. This energy is directed outward - flows downward. There-fore the Way of the Golden Flower depends wholly on the backward-flowing method.

The circulation of the light is not only a fantasy.

By concentrating the thoughts, one can fly; by concentrating the desires, one falls. When a pupil takes little care of his thoughts and much care of his desires, he gets into the path of submersion. Only through contemplation and quietness does true intuition arise: for that the backward-flowing method is necessary.

A great master was asked what is the Buddha? “Mind is the Buddha,” he answered. When after many years he was asked the same question again by the same disciple, he said, “No Buddha, no mind.”

“Then why did you say before, ‘Mind is the Buddha’?”

“To stop the baby crying! Once the baby stops crying, I say, ‘No mind, no Buddha’!”

Philosophy is just a toy - a toy to stop the baby crying - and so is theology. Religion really consists of experience, experimentation; it has nothing to do with speculation. In its essential nature it is the science of the inner; it is as scientific as any other science. The difference between religion and science is not of their methodology but only of their object.

Science looks at the objective world where our energy is flowing, where our light is flowing. Religion searches into the subjective where our light is not flowing but can be turned to flow. Hence science is easier than religion. Never for a single moment think that religion is simpler than science. It is a higher science, how can it be simpler than science? It is a superior science.

First the light has to flow inwards, then it falls on your being, then your being is revealed and you can enter into your being. And to enter into one’s own being is to enter into the kingdom of God. There, you are not and God is: you exist only in the shadow. When the light flows outward you exist only in the shadow. You exist because you remain unaware of your real self. Your real self is the supreme self. Your real self is a “Self” with a capital S. It has nothing to do with you, it is the self of all. But for that, a great transformation has to take place.

Nature has prepared you for the outward flow. Nature’s function is finished. With man, nature has reached to its climax; now nothing else is going to happen naturally unless man makes a decision to go further than nature. Nature has brought you to the point from where you are capable of standing on your own. Man is no longer a child, man has become adult. Now nature will no longer parent you; there is no need.

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