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Chapter 2: No Sin, No Virtue

Mahatma Gandhi prayed his whole life, morning and evening, saying that Allah and Ram are the names of the same God. But when he was shot in Delhi - by a Puneite, remember. Beware of the Puneites! The man who murdered Gandhi, Nathuram Godse, was a Puneite. Pune is one of the strongholds of Hindu orthodoxy. I have knowingly chosen a place to create trouble for you. When Gandhi was shot dead he didn’t say Allah. The last words were “Ram - Hey Ram! Oh Ram!” He forgot all about Allah.

His whole life.but still deep down he knows that he is a Hindu. He says the Gita is his mother. And who is his father - the Koran? He never says anything about that. The Gita is his mother but the Koran is not his father. And he chooses words from the Koran which are really nothing but echoes of the Gita, and he also chooses words from the Bible which are echoes from the Gita. He is really clinging to the Gita; the Gita is the criterion. Whatsoever is in the Gita is right; if it is in the Koran, then too it is right because it is in the Gita. He leaves out everything that goes against the Gita. This is tolerance..

I don’t teach tolerance. I teach freedom from all the nonsense of being Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian. Be free from all prejudices, be just a human being. And in that freedom you will find great joy, and in that freedom for the first time you will feel love for other human beings, compassion, brotherhood. You will start feeling the whole universe as your family, your commune. And not only with human beings - when the fascist in you has disappeared and the fanatic is gone, you will even have a communion with the trees and the birds and the animals. You will be constantly in a beautiful dialogue with existence.

Drop all this nonsense. To be a Hindu, to be a Mohammedan, to be a Christian, to be a Jaina, to be a Buddhist, these are stupid hangovers from the past. Be finished with them - and in a single blow - not slowly, not gradually. See the point and be finished with them right now, this very moment! Because who knows? - tomorrow may come, may not come. Who knows? - the next moment may come, may not come. This is the only moment available. Rebel against all nonsense. Be free!

Enough for today.