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Chapter 13: The Only Holy Approach

But no Jaina is going to agree with me, because then the miracle is lost. Poetry is not a miracle. The miracle is in the historicity of the fact. So you are right in questioning how to deal with these people. They are so loving, they are so full of heart, but they go on talking about such nonsense: esoteric, occult.

And everybody in the East knows so much that it seems that all are realized souls! Where to stop these people, and where to say no to these people? You have to be very clear, very loving, but without any compromise. The moment you see that these people are going into fictions and creating stupid theories - and their scriptures are full of them - you have to stop them. That is one of the misfortunes of the East, that people have forgotten completely that poetry is not history, that poetry is far more significant than history. Then theorizations, rationalizations are meaningless, and the effort to prove them as if they are scientific truths makes the whole East a laughingstock.

My own approach is very simple:

You have to be alert not to allow the heart to start overpowering your reason, just as you have to be alert that your reason does not overpower your heart. Their functions are separate. Reason should function in the world of objects, and the heart should function in the world of human consciousness. And the moment they overlap, there is going to be a certain kind of mess.

And whenever you feel it, that the man is so loving, how to say no to him? - don’t be worried. It has been my whole life’s difficulty - because everybody in India is so full of knowledge, and all that knowledge is simply holy cow dung, there is nothing in it. But these people are good; this is the problem. The people are good: very generous, very loving, very helpful. Only their hearts have overrun their heads, so whatsoever they are saying, you have to be a little alert.

And when you say no to them, they feel hurt; they think their love is rejected. So you have to be very careful and very articulate. It is a difficult task - it was for me, because with my family, my teachers, my professors, everywhere I was in difficulty. Because I could not see how a well-educated professor could be talking such nonsense, without even being aware at all that what he is saying is nonsense. And he was a good man, there was no doubt about his sincerity. It was simply that his reason was retarded. Only the heart had grown, and it had its beauty. But the heart was leading the reason, so they were talking all kinds of nonsense.

I had to stop them - “Wait a minute. You cannot say this rationally. Either accept it as a poetry or withdraw it.”

But the result was that I was expelled from this college, from that university - and they had no reason. The vice-chancellor said to me, “We don’t have any reason to expel you, you have not done anything that demands such punishment as to expel you. But you should understand our difficulty: you are creating such trouble to so many professors that they are threatening to resign if you don’t leave this university. And we cannot afford it, those are our very respected professors.”