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Chapter 6: It Is All in Your Head

Some months ago when I left you for the first time, I was feeling strong, excited, confident in myself, and yet I spent my time speaking with you, inside or outside, about some problems, trying to find a solution.
Now I am leaving again, probably for a longer period, and I feel calm, peaceful, detached - even if more and more weak, confused, and without any answer. And yet I don’t feel that I have any specific question to be answered by you, but only and above all, your hand on my head and your blessing.
Please, what is happening? It seems nonsense.

The question is from Nagarjuna. He is a psychoanalyst, a trained rationalist. His whole discipline of the mind is that of analysis. Coming to me, being with me, has transformed him tremendously, but his old mind goes on lingering somewhere in the unconscious. It goes on throwing judgments. The old mind goes on saying, “What are you doing? It is nonsense.”

It is nonsense in a way - because it is beyond sense. Just to think that you ask only for the hand - somebody’s hand on your head - is so irrational, so fanciful. Just to ask for blessings only, is so unreasonable. The reasonable person asks questions, waits for answers, analyzes those answers, judges whether they are right or wrong, creates more questions, and so on, so forth.

To ask for blessings is difficult for the modern mind, but it is beautiful that it is happening to you. You are getting into contact with a deeper world which goes beyond sense and reason. You are asking for something which is not of this world. It cannot be understood by intellect alone. It can be understood only by the heart. You can feel it. There is no way to figure it out by reasoning. Allow it, go with it.

To be capable of nonsense is to be alive. Because all that is beautiful is nonsense. Love is nonsense. Meditation is nonsense. God is nonsense. Poetry is nonsense. Beauty is nonsense. All that is beautiful, true, is far beyond sense.

Sense is very narrow. Nonsense is vast. Remain sensible, but don’t be confined by it. Use your sense, your reason, but never be a slave to it. One should be capable of putting reason and sense by the side whenever one wants.

When you are watching a full moon in the night, put your reasoning aside. Be a child again. When you go to the sea and you listen to the roar of the waves, put your reason aside. Be again primitive. Those roaring waves are primitive. You also be primitive so that a deep contact becomes possible, so you become en rapport with them. When you go to the trees, please don’t take your reason and sense with you. Otherwise you will miss much which was there just for asking.

When you come to me, by and by you will have to put your reason aside. Because only then you will be able to enter deeper. Once you have known the beauty of nonsense, the truth of nonsense, then you will not call it nonsense; you will call it supra-sense. Then you will not think in terms condemnatory and negative. You will start thinking in more positive terms.

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