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Chapter 11: You Have to Face the Unknown

Jesus was trying to prove that God exists, not as a social formality, not as a prop for morality, not as a hypothesis to explain the unexplainable. God exists. In fact, only God exists: He is the ultimate fact. Whenever people like Jesus start talking about the ultimate fact, a suspicion arises in the ordinary mind: “They are over-reaching themselves. It’s okay to believe in God, and to believe in the church and in the temple. It is good to pretend to be religious. It helps - it is a social lubricant. It gives life a certain smoothness; it gives you a certain respectability. But one should not take these things too seriously. This man Jesus seems to be too serious about it, as if it is a life-and-death problem.”

To him, it is the only problem worth encountering, and the only adventure worth going on, the only research. But to the people he was talking to, it looked like nonsense. They may not have said so; they may not have said so out of propriety. They may not have said that they didn’t believe, because they would not like to have been known by others as unbelievers. But deep down, it didn’t seem probable that God exists; it was the most improbable thing, that God exists. Jesus looks untrue, a Buddha looks untrue. Out of their sheer magnetism people are fascinated. But even those who are fascinated are not totally with them. Their deepest core goes on denying and saying, “You are hypnotized. This man has done something to you, like magic. He has trapped you, you have become a prisoner.” When the people start feeling like this, they take revenge. This revenge happens almost automatically.

The people who killed Jesus killed in their sleep, as if it was just a dream.

There is a Sufi anecdote: A group of merchants asked a certain disciple, “How can this Sufi nonsense mean anything to you?”

To the ordinary mind, to the logical, to the rational part of you, anything that is not comprehensible is nonsense. In fact, it is, because it is beyond sense. If you love it, you may call it super-sense. If you don’t love it, you may call it nonsense. But one thing is certain: that it is something beyond the scope of the senses.

A group of merchants asked a certain disciple, “How can this Sufi nonsense mean anything to you?” He said, “Because it means everything to those whom I respect.” Because it means everything to those whom I respect.this is what trust is.

Jesus creates a respect about his being. Because of that respect, you believe whatsoever he says. Because of that respect, a certain trust is created, but your rational mind goes on hammering within you and saying, “This is all nonsense. What are you doing?” And when I say this to you, you can understand, because this is happening to you every day also: whatsoever I am saying to you is nonsense. There is no need for anybody else to prove that it is nonsense; it is nonsense. But if you respect me and love me, that nonsense will start appearing as super-sense, as transcendental to mind, reason, logic - not below, but above. If you respect me and love me, you may allow me to take you over to another world in which you cannot believe right now.

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