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Chapter 16: In the Lake of the Void

The world needs one government. The world needs all nations to disappear, only then will wars disappear, otherwise stupid wars, just for small pieces of land which belong to nobody or belong to all. Wars can disappear only if nations disappear: they are by-products of nations. But politicians don’t like that, their whole importance will be gone. In fact, politicians like more and more nations.

India was one nation but Indian politicians decided to have two, India and Pakistan, so there can be double prime ministers, presidents, ministers, and all kinds of buffoons. But then Pakistan was divided in two again because if Pakistan was one, then the Bengalis were suffering: they were not prime ministers and they were not presidents. They had to separate from Pakistan. Now India has become three countries, and if it goes on and on in this way, India will become many countries.

Now, deep down, South India wants to separate from North India over the question of language. Now they say that they are a different race - Dravidians, and the North is a different race - Aryans. “Our blood is separate, our ideal is separate, our language is separate.” So the idea of separating from the North is getting more and more powerful because then they will have their own prime minister. Up to now all the prime ministers have been from the North.

They make the president from the South just to console them, because the president in India is a nonentity. He is like the Queen of England: he is a nominal head of the country, without any power. Just to console the South, all the presidents are from the South. And the prime minister is the powerful man, the whole power is his; he is from the North. Now the South is suffering, the South politicians particularly, are suffering very much. Sooner or later the South would like to separate.

The world goes on dividing into small parts. If all the politicians are allowed, then each village will be a nation because then each village will have its own politicians, its own parliament, president, prime minister, ministers - if it is allowed. But why is it not allowed? It is not allowed, again for a political reason: because if South India goes separate, then half of Morarji Desai’s power is gone. So those who are in power resist: they would not like the country to be divided. And those who are not in power, they try to divide the country. This goes on.

The world simply needs to decide one day to drop all this nonsense and to become one. No passports should be needed, no visas should be needed. We need a world citizenship. We need freedom to move. Why so much distrust? Why so much antagonism, against each other? This earth is our planet, we should be able to move freely. This world is not yet a free world because of the hangovers of the past. They can be dropped. And with the dropping of them, the world can become as rich as you would like, as healthy as you would like, poverty can disappear.

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