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Chapter 14: It Is Your Mind Again

But if there is no God, all those differences disappear. Then man can come closer to man, become more intimate with other human beings, and we can create humanity not in somebody else’s image. We can create humanity according to our hopes, according to our desires; we can create man the way we want man to be.

God absent, man becomes a creator.

And this is such a gift that no other gift can be greater than that.

But it will not happen through anger and hatred and disbelief. All those things have been tried and failed. It can happen only through understanding - just seeing the whole thing as a fiction. The moment you understand that it is a fiction created out of fear - with God disappears the whole army of the priests and the monks and the nuns, and all the nonsense that they have created.

I was in Nepal just before I came here. A beautiful, old Buddhist monk - the head of all the Buddhist monks in Nepal, equivalent to a pope - just out of curiosity came to listen to me, and then he continued to come.

But how conditioning cripples people! When I would welcome everybody with folded hands.This is one of the most beautiful things that has come out of the East. It means, “I bow down to your divinity whoever you are. Your outer appearance does not mean anything; inside you are an eternal divine being. I bow down with folded hands.”

And why with folded hands? That also has a philosophical significance. Man’s mind is divided into two hemispheres, right and left. They are not in any communication with each other, they don’t know that the other exists. One is verbal, linguistic; the other is nonverbal, active. And the hands are the extensions of the mind. The right hand is connected with the left mind; this is the active part. The left hand is connected with the right mind.

Putting both these hands together means, “With my wholeness, with my totality, with my man and with my woman, with my mind and with my heart, I bow down to your dignity.” There are many ways of welcoming people, but I don’t think there is any other way which is better, which has some spiritual significance.

I would bow down every day, and I would look at the Buddhist priest, who was ashamed. He understood, he loved me; more and more he listened to me. He was going around Kathmandu meeting the ministers, the chief minister and others, and saying that they should come at least once to listen before they made any decisions.

But repeatedly for one month, I saw many times that his hands would want to respond to me, but his deep conditioning.The Buddhist monk has been taught that he is higher, so others can bow down to him with folded hands - he cannot. He can only bless them with one of his hands raised.

Now, he was in a difficulty. He could not bless me - that would look awkward - and he could not bow down to me with folded hands, because that would go against his conditioning. And I could see that his hands moved, and he was holding them together. He wanted.but he must have been afraid. He was the head of the whole order of Buddhist monks in Nepal. If somebody came to know - and they would come to know because thousands of other people would be seeing him doing it.

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