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Chapter 2: The Lilies in the Field Are Enlightened

To be close to a master, to be relating to a master, to be intimate with a master, is nothing but an approach towards your own ultimate understanding, your own enlightenment. Your mind will make you very much frightened of the unknown; it will drag you back. And it is always safer to live with the known; it is familiar, you are efficient in living with it. To move into the unknown, you will need a guide - a guide who has moved into the unknown, who lives in the unknown, who lives in innocence. Just to imbibe the spirit you need the guide.not for any guidance, but just to imbibe the spirit of the unknown, the joy of the unknown, the celebration of the unknown.

Once you start drinking something of the master, you will not go back to the old ways of the mind. That’s what sannyas is all about.

Yes, you can take sannyas. In the beginning, it is bound to be the same conflict: whether to take it or not, whether to go into it or not. It is natural, because that’s how you have functioned for many lives. This has become your second nature.

I persuade you, I seduce you into sannyas. Great persuasion is needed, great seduction is needed. That’s why I have created sannyas; otherwise there was no need; you could have come here, listened to me, and gone. You would have listened to me, but you would not have come close to me. This is a bridge. You would have heard me, but you would not have tasted of my silence. You would have known what I say about love, but you would not have known my love.

Sannyas makes it possible. It is an energy field; it is a buddhafield. It is communion: nonverbal, heart-to-heart, and, one day, being-to-being.

The second question:

Today I saw and heard you in the flesh and I found myself in accord with and moved and inspired by you so much that I feel I must ask you two questions connected with it and another not directly connected.
Why are you so against the mind? Surely we all use it and need it, and it seems to me that it is only when we abuse it - that is to say, using it as a defense against feeling too deeply and against transcending itself - that we are entitled to criticize it.
The other question is concerned more with my problem, although no doubt there are others who feel as I do:
Why do you find it so necessary, so important, for sannyasins to wear orange and a photograph of yourself - in fact a sort of uniform and an icon? If I leave here with a feeling of love and deep respect for a wise man, a healer, I shall not need to carry his photo around with me. His image will be too deeply entrenched in my inner self, and if I need to consult him in my mind, I shall -conjure him up- and see him much more vividly than if I look at a photo. I would very much like to take sannyas, but because of this last question, you may not accept me.

Dear lady, please excuse me. It must have been just coincidence that you felt in accord with me, it can only be a coincidence; otherwise it is impossible to feel in accord with me.

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