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Chapter 16: Love Is Always an Emperor

These feelings that you think are very dangerous are almost impotent. Violence is there because you have not grown your potential for love - it is the absence of love. And people go on doing stupid things. They try to be nonviolent: they repress the violence, they make tremendous efforts to be nonviolent.

But there is no need for anybody to be nonviolent because you are moving in a wrong direction. Violence is a negative thing, and you are trying to destroy violence and become nonviolent. I would say, forget about violence. It is the absence of love - be more loving. All the energy that you are putting into repressing violence and becoming nonviolent - pour it into being love.

It was unfortunate that Mahavira and Gautam Buddha both used the word nonviolence. I can understand their difficulty. Their difficulty was that by “love” people understand biological love; to avoid that misunderstanding they used a negative term: nonviolence. It gives the appearance that violence is the positive thing and nonviolence is the negative thing. In fact, violence is the negative thing and love is the positive thing, but they were all afraid of using the word love.

And because of their fear that “love” may create in people’s minds the idea of ordinary love, they used an unfortunate word - nonviolence - and for twenty - five centuries, that nonviolence has been practiced. But have you seen in any follower of Gautam Buddha or Mahavira, the quality of love, the presence of love around him? - he is practicing nonviolence, and there is where he has gone wrong. You will find them shrunken and dead: their intelligence does not seem to have blossomed, their consciousness does not seem to have blossomed. Just the mistake of using a wrong word has created twenty-five centuries of immense torture, in thousands of people.

I want you to know that love is the positive thing, and love does not mean only biological love. And you also understand it: you love your mother, you love your brother, you love your friend, you love your master; there is no biology involved. These are ordinarily available experiences of non-biological love. You love a roseflower - is there any biology involved? You love a beautiful moon you love music, you love poetry, you love sculpture - is there any biology involved? And I am taking these examples from ordinary life, just to show you that love has many, many dimensions.

There is a love which is between two bodies; then it is biological. There is a love between two minds; then it is the love of two friends. There is a love between two hearts - then it is the love between the disciple and the master. And then there is the love between two beings. Then it is the love between the devotee and the master.

Love has these four dimensions, and each dimension has many, many possibilities.

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