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Chapter 1: A Life Is a Mirror

Mahavira, Buddha, Patanjali, they use an ugly word: nonviolence, ahimsa. Does not look good, is simply negative - it says “no violence,” that’s all. “I will not hurt you” - that much can be fulfilled. Even then, there is no absolute guarantee that you will not feel hurt. “I will not hurt you,” that’s all; then too there is no absolute necessity that you will not feel hurt. Still you can feel hurt because you create your own wounds, you create your own misery. “I will not be a party to it,” that’s all Patanjali can say - “I will not participate in it. I will not hurt you.”

When the yogi is firmly established.

.in this attitude of nonviolence, that he will not hurt anybody,

.there is an abandonment of enmity by those who are in his presence.

Such a man, who is not in any way thinking, dreaming consciously, unconsciously, has no desire to hurt anybody - in his presence, abandonment of enmity happens. But before you conclude it, many more problems arise.

Jesus was crucified; enmity was not abandoned. That’s why if you ask Jainas they will not say that he was enlightened, because people could crucify him. But the same has happened to Mahavira. After his enlightenment he was stoned. To Buddha the same has happened - not crucified, but stoned, insulted. People tried to kill him. Then how to understand it? Jainas, Buddhists, they have explanations. If it is a question of Jesus, they will say he is not enlightened - simple explanation, finished - but if it is a question of Mahavira they say that he is closing his accounts of his past lives. Both are wrong. Both are wrong because when one becomes enlightened he has closed all accounts. He has finished all karmas; now nothing is there.

Still, there have been cases: Jesus has been crucified; Socrates poisoned; Al-Hillaj Mansoor killed, murdered very brutally; Mahavira stoned many times, insulted, thrown out of villages; Buddha, many times murder was attempted. Then how to explain Patanjali’s sutra? If the sutra is true then these things should not happen. If these things happen then there are only two possibilities: either all these persons - Al-Hillaj Mansoor, Jesus, Mahavira, Buddha - are not enlightened, are not really established in nonviolence, or there are some exceptions to the rule.

There are a few exceptions. In fact whenever a man is established in nonviolence, life - except human beings - becomes absolutely nonviolent towards him. Man is a perverted being. The mirror is not clear. Life.trees are nonviolent towards a buddha, animals are nonviolent.

It happened that one of Buddha’s cousin-brothers, who was in deep competition with him - unnecessarily, because a buddha is nobody’s competitor - was continuously thinking, “Buddha has become so great a man, and I am left behind. I am nobody.” He tried in every way to gather disciples and declare himself, that he is a buddha, but nobody would listen to him. Of course, a few fools gathered. Then he became very antagonistic towards Buddha; he tried to kill him.

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