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Chapter 6: Understanding Comes in Mid-sentence

One night it happened: Gautam Buddha used to say to his disciples every night, after his discourse, “Now it is time; go and do the last necessary thing. Don’t forget before you go to sleep.” His hint was about the last meditation before you go into sleep. But one night it happened, there was a thief in the congregation and there was a prostitute too. When Buddha said, “Now it time you go and do the last thing before you go to sleep,” the prostitute thought, “My God, he knows that I am here, and that it is time for my profession. I should go, hurry up.”

The thief said, “I am hiding in dark corners, because nobody knows.. This man, he may recognize that I am a thief, and he has recognized. He is saying to me, ‘Now go, and do the last thing, before you go to sleep. It is time.’ My God, this man is really strange. I have to run now; it is late and it is time to finish my work; otherwise I won’t have any sleep tonight.”

Thousands of the sannyasins went to meditation. The prostitute went to her marketplace. The thief started searching for his work. Buddha said one thing, but there were different interpretations according to everybody’s own mind.

As long as they are attached to appearances, they are unaware that their no-mind is empty. And by mistakenly clinging to the appearance of things, they lose the way.

If you know that everything comes from no-mind.

Everything comes from nothingness, and disappears again into nothingness. And you see it happening every day; from a seed a tree arises. You just cut the seed and see - you will not find any tree, you will not find any branches, you will not find any foliage, you will not find any fragrance, any fruits - nothing, just emptiness.

But from a seed, which is nothing but emptiness, a great tree arises with great foliage, with many flowers, with many fruits and with millions of seeds. And from each seed, again millions of seeds. The scientists who study trees, vegetation, say that a single seed can make the whole earth green. It has so much potential, although you cannot see by cutting it - you will not find anything there.

Everything comes out of nothingness and goes back into nothingness. Hence there is no need for attachment, because attachment will bring misery. Soon it will be gone. The flower that has blossomed in the morning, by the evening will be gone.

Don’t get attached; otherwise in the evening there will be misery. Then there will be tears, then you will miss the flower. Enjoy while it is. But remember, it has come out of nothing, and it will go back to nothing. And the same is true about everything, even about people.

You love a man, you love a woman; from where have they come? From very small seeds which cannot even be seen by bare eyes. If they are put in front of you, they will not be bigger than the full stop. And you will not recognize that this is you, or that one day you were like this, that this is your old photograph.