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Chapter 44: The Very Perfume of Love

They are connected. They are like rungs of a ladder. For example, in the beginning it was impossible for man to cultivate. He had no idea that cultivation is possible. He had seen animals eating animals, that gave him the first idea of hunting - that this is the only way to get food. There was some example.

But you cannot go on hunting forever. As human population became bigger and bigger and the population of the poor hunted animals started shrinking - because they were being killed - man had to find some other way to survive.

It is always only in a very deep crisis that man finds something new.

Then he looked at trees, their fruits, and the wild growth of vegetation. And there was no other way so they tried it, and it worked. And just watching, they found that they need not depend on nature; otherwise, again they will destroy. They can cultivate.

They saw fruits falling on the earth and sprouts coming up. It is just by watching they learned cultivation.

It is connected and overlapping.

Hunting continues, but now it has become a game. Man does not depend on it. There are professional killers who have started cultivating animals; just the way you cultivate fruits or wheat they cultivate animals, and bring meat for you. The whole earth still remains meat-eating.

Just a small fraction in India and a few individuals outside India have dropped completely that ugly, insensitive way of living.

And if the whole humanity decides to drop it, it will immediately find new ways.

The whole ocean is available. The ocean has its own vegetation, which is very nourishing. The way we cultivate the earth the ocean can be cultivated.

Everything is connected as steps to a higher step.

There was no family in the beginning, only tribes, so you could not say who was the father of the boy. Only the mother was known. So there are countries where the father’s name is not asked when you are filling a form for something, but the mother’s name is asked still.

For example, Mohammedans don’t believe that Mary became pregnant by a holy ghost. To anybody who is not a Christian it looks a stupid idea.

But one thing is certain, that Joseph is not the father of Jesus Christ, and to cover up the whole thing the holy ghost has been brought into the story.

Mohammedans don’t believe in the virgin birth. So when they speak about Jesus, they say “Jesus Ibn Mariam” - Jesus, the son of Mariam, not the son of Joseph.

It was the situation all over the world. People knew only their mothers.

In the Upanishads there is a tremendously beautiful story which shows how a real saint responds.

I lived for almost twenty years in Jabalpur in India. It must be a very old city because its name is derived from a great sage, Jabali, and this story is concerned with Jabali.

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