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Chapter 6: I Am a Cross to You

Sudha is beautiful, but as humanly weak as everybody else. As everybody would like to be patted on the back, she also likes to be patted. I am not a miser, I can pat - there is no problem in it. I can say “Sudha, you are great,” but that will poison you. That is not going to help. That will hinder you. That will inflate your ego more. You will become more solidified in your egoistic projections. No, I cannot say that because I would like you to really become great, and to really become great means to become egoless. The only way to be really happy is to be without the ego.

You seek in the world, through money, power, prestige. Then you become a sannyasin and then you start seeking the same old disease in the new names. The old politics comes back, you start competing.

Drop all these things. Here, at least with me, be plain, be ordinary. And the more ordinary you are, the more extraordinary you will become. The more you efface yourself, the more you will be. The moment you cease utterly, you become divine. Nobody is barring the way except your own ego, except you.

Sometimes the ego is such that it can take nourishment from anywhere.

“Now, Mistress O’Grady” the attorney asked “you say your husband never said a kind word to you since you were married. Are you sure of that?’

“Come to think of it” she replied “once in a while he did say “You’re a foine one.”

Now the ego can even have nourishment from where no nourishment is possible. Remember the subtle ways of the ego. My whole work here consists in dissolving you, in dismantling you, in destroying you, so that a new being is born, so that a resurrection becomes possible. I am a cross to you, so that I can also become a resurrection to you.

Enough for today.