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Chapter 8: Sincerity in the Search

So don’t criticize. There is no need; it is none of your concern. If you want to follow Moon, then you have to think about it. Others are following - let them think. Why should you take their responsibility? Why should you have any power over others? If somebody decides to follow a fool, that’s his decision - and he has the freedom to follow the fool. Forced - even if you are following the greatest wise man in the world, a buddha - then too it is ugly, because it kills your freedom. With your own choice if you follow a fool, it is beautiful.

My emphasis is on your freedom. And people who are against Moon, why are they against Moon? The same reason why people were against Jesus - because if Moon’s influence grows then more and more Christians will be disappearing. They will become “Moonites.”

These people are against Bhaktivedanta, the Hare Krishna movement leader, because more and more people are becoming Hindus; Christians are disappearing. These people are against Maharishi Mahesh Yogi because more and more people are dropping their Christian prayer and starting TM. The same happens everywhere.

Here people are against me because if you come with me, by and by you will not be a Parsi, and you will not be a Hindu, and you will not be a Christian - you will become a pure human being, a simple human being with no adjectives.

So those who live with the adjectives, how can they just watch it? They are afraid, their establishment is eroding. They will try in every way. But I will suggest to them that if they really want that no one should come to me, they should remain indifferent.

The more they are against me, the more they make me important. Their very against-ness helps many people to become interested in me. The best way for them will be not to be bothered by me, be indifferent. Let people come and let people find. If they find more nourishment with me than they were finding in their old church, in their temple, in their mosque, then it is for them to choose. If they don’t find any nourishment with me, they move away, they go on searching.

But if people are against me then you start becoming defensive. Then your eyes become dogmatic, then you are in an arguing mood. You have to prove somehow that your master is right and is the only true master in the world. Then even if sometimes you see flaws in me, errors, mistakes, you bypass them. How can your master have any mistake, flaw in his life? - impossible. And you go on hiding. And by and by you become almost determined by the people who are against me. They talk against me, you have to talk for me. They help me in a way.

This is my suggestion: there is no need to be worried - the world is vast, and everybody is free to choose, should be free to choose. If somebody feels that he is attaining something with Moon - and Moon may be wrong, as far as I know he is wrong - but even then if somebody follows him I am not going to distract the person. This is my attitude - that he is wrong. Even if he is wrong somebody may be benefited by him. Life is very mysterious - you learn by your errors also.

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