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Chapter 3: A Very Fresh Communion

And the wisdom of the body is independent, because you have to sleep too. In sleep you may forget breathing. In fact, even awake you cannot remember your breathing. If you can remember your breathing for one minute, you are on the right path. You will be surprised that you cannot remember even for one minute; there are so many distractions.

Just put your wristwatch in front of you. Start looking, and suddenly you forget. You say, “Aha! So Stonehead is going somewhere with his staff,” and you have forgotten what your work was. And then you remember, and then you feel full of repentance. Then you are again wasting time. Go back and remember.

It takes months to remember something for a single minute continuously without being distracted. All kinds of distractions are there: bananas.you cannot resist being distracted.

The mind has its own mind too. That’s why it is not needed in the body. If surgery is needed, your whole brain can be taken out and put in the proper conditions where it gets the necessary nourishment. It is amazing that you will not know that it has been taken out of the body, and you will not know that there is any difference. You will still be counting on the lottery, “Let us see what happens this time. Tomorrow the lottery is going to be opened.” And all kinds of things that were going on inside your mind will continue.

I have heard about a politician. They had to take his brain out to clean it; there was so much dust, so much garbage. So they took the brain to another room and left the politician.

A man suddenly came running in and woke up the politician. “What are you doing here? You have been declared president of the country!”

Things looked a little different. When a person becomes a president, naturally it looks a little different. And he was going out with his friend when the doctors called him, “Where are you going? Your brain is still in the lab.”

He said, “At least for five years I will not need it.”

It is possible, and is going to become an actuality - we have wasted so much brain energy - Einstein’s mind or Bertrand Russell’s mind could have been kept. If they want to go, let them go. Their brains need a certain nourishment that could be given artificially; the minds could be kept alive as long as you want, and could continue to work. We have wasted so many minds. The day is not far away when great minds will be saved for the progress of science, for the progress of consciousness.

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