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Chapter 12: Life: Let It Have Its Dance

And remember, the well never runs out because deep down the well is connected to the oceans. The oceans are continuously reaching it in small springs. In fact, if you don’t draw the water out of the well it will die because soon those springs will not be needed, they will become blocked. They will not be in use, they will lose their functioning, and the old water will become stale and dead, maybe poisonous. It is good for the well-being of the well to go on drawing water from it. The more water you take out, the more fresh streams of water go on reaching the well. The well is not disconnected from existence.

Your heart is certainly a well. If you keep it closed then you will not have energy flowing into you from the universe. Go on emptying yourself and you will be surprised. You are in for a great surprise - the more you empty yourself, the fuller you are.

That’s why Gautama the Buddha emphasized the word shunya, zero. Become a zero. If you want to become full, his message is, just become empty, a nothingness, just space, pure space, unlimited space containing nothing. Just empty yourself totally and you will not be able to believe it - a miracle happens.

When you are utterly empty, the whole of existence enters you. All the stars are within you and all the flowers are within you, the sun and the moon are within you. Suddenly you see yourself as vast as the universe itself.

To be nothing is the only way to be all. To be nobody is the only way to be divine. Emptiness brings godliness.

And don’t be worried that your love will be lost - nothing is ever lost. The world always contains the same amount of everything, neither less nor more. Now this is a scientific fact: there is not a single atom less than there ever was, not a single atom more than there ever was. The quantity of the universe remains absolutely the same, because from where anything new can come in? - because existence contains all, there is nowhere else. And where can anything go out? There is nowhere else to go, so nothing is ever lost. Maybe it takes a little longer to reach the right person, but it always reaches.

Sing the song and don’t be worried. It will reach the right people at the right time, if not today then tomorrow, if not in your life then in some other time. But it will reach - it is bound to reach. It will always find the right person who can absorb it. Simply sing the song. You should not be too concerned to whom it reaches, your whole concern should be that you are singing it with totality, that’s all. More than that is not required of anybody. It is not your business whether it has been heard or not.

When a flower opens in the jungle it is not worried whether anybody will be passing by, “to know the beautiful fragrance that I am releasing.” It simply releases the fragrance - if it reaches to some nostrils, good; if it does not reach, so what? The flower has blossomed, it has offered itself to the universe. Now it is up to the universe to do whatsoever it wants to do with it.

Nothing is ever lost and nothing is ever diverted and nothing is ever rejected. But people feel rejected many times because even before they have given something there is expectation; if their expectation is not fulfilled then they feel rejected. It is the expectation that is creating the trouble, not love. Give love without any strings attached to it. Give love for the sheer joy of giving. Enjoy giving it.

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