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Chapter 13: Birth of a New Man

What is near you? Except for your self, isn’t everything else at a distance from you? Only you are near your self. But by deserting yourself, you are always somewhere else - you are always somewhere in the neighborhood. But you are not to be in the neighborhood, you are to be in yourself. That is meditation. When you are nowhere and your mind too is nowhere, even then you are somewhere. That being somewhere is meditation.

When you are nowhere, you are in your self. And that is not being in the neighborhood; that is not being away. That is inwardness; that is nearness, intimacy. Only by being there does one awaken into the truth. It is by being in the neighborhood that you have lost everything and it is by being in your self that it all can be regained.

I don’t ask you to renounce the world, I ask you to transform yourself. By denying the world you will not change, but when you have changed, the world ceases to be the world for you. True religion is not world-rejecting, it is self-transforming. Don’t think of the world but of your outlook in relation to the world. You have to change that. It is because of your outlook that there is the world and there is bondage. It is not the world, but your outlook that is the bondage. Once your outlook is changed, the whole existence changes for you. There is no fault in the world. The fault lies in you and your outlook.

The science for transformation of life is called meditation. Through analysis, physical science reaches the atom and atomic power, but meditation reaches the soul and soul power. Through the former, the mystery hidden in matter is discovered; through the latter, the universe hidden within the self is revealed. But the latter is more important than the former because there is nothing in existence more important than one’s own self.

Man has lost his balance because he knows a lot about matter but nothing about himself. He has learned how to dive into the unfathomable depths of the ocean and how to fly into the amazing heights of space but he has completely forgotten how to enter into his own self. This is a suicidal state. This is exactly our misery. Meditation can free you from this imbalance. It needs to be taught. Only through meditation can the birth of a new man in the true sense take place and can the foundations of a new humanity be laid.

Science has declared man’s conquest over matter; now man has to conquer himself as well. His conquest of matter has made it imperative that he now know himself and conquer himself. Otherwise, his conquest of the unlimited power of matter will become his own annihilation - because power in the hands of ignorance is always poisonous and suicidal. If science is in the hands of the ignorant, the combination is destructive. But if science is in the hands of the self-knowing, it will lead to the birth of an unprecedented creative energy that can transform this earth into a paradise.

That is why I say that the destiny and the future of man are now in the hands of meditation. Meditation is the science of the future because it is the science of man.