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Chapter 9: India: From Slavery to Freedom

The first question:

Why is India drifting toward lawlessness? Are Indians the most lawless people?

The Indian mind is programmed to be a slave, it is not ready to function in freedom. That’s where the roots of the problems are. Twenty-two centuries of slavery have given a certain conditioning to the Indian mind: it understands only one language, the language of the jungle. Whosoever is powerful is right - “Might is right.” If there is nobody to dictate, if there is nobody to boss over it, then the Indian mind knows no way to function, what to do, what not to do. It has no inner guidance.

And it has not been a slave for only twenty-two centuries. Even before that it lived in a spiritual kind of slavery - politically free but spiritually not free.

The brahmins have been ruling the soul of the country for at least five thousand years, or more. They have dominated, dictated, guided, forced a certain discipline in every possible way - but that discipline comes from the outside, and the moment the outside agency that was creating the discipline is removed, the Indian feels at a loss. He has no integrity, no consciousness, but only a character, merely a poor character.

The difference has to be understood. Character is imposed by outside agencies, the society, the state, the church. Consciousness is individual, consciousness comes through meditation. Nobody can impose consciousness on you, you have to discover it.

And the Indian mind believes in the collectivity. It is not individual - it has no respect for the individual at all. One should adjust to the society, one should bow down to the vested interests, to the status quo. The man of character is one, according to the Indian programming, who is not a rebel, who lives according to the tradition, the scriptures - the so-called saints who are nothing but agents of the past.

A man of character in India is not really a man of character, he is only a slave. Because he is obedient he is respected - the more obedient you are the more you will be respected in India. But the obedient person is really a slave: he has no guts, he has no consciousness, he cannot say no, hence his yes is also impotent.

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