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Chapter 3: The Atomic Moment

Remember this: God never interferes, freedom is total. That is the dignity of man, the glory of man, and the agony too. If you were not given freedom you would not be false. No other animal is false, no animal has personality. And I am not counting pet animals: because they live with you, they are destroyed - they start having personalities. Your dogs forget their essence. The dog may be angry but goes on wagging his tail - this is personality. He knows who is the boss and he knows how to buttress the ego of the boss, he has become diplomatic. He is as much a politician as the people who live in New Delhi: he goes on wagging his tail.

Have you seen the dog puzzled sometimes? A stranger comes in and the dog does not know how to behave - what face to show to the stranger. Feeling ambiguous, he barks - maybe that is the right thing to do - and still he goes on wagging his tail. He is watching for the right hints from the boss - whether the person who has entered the house is a friend or a foe. If he is a foe he will stop wagging his tail, if he is a friend he will stop barking at him. He is waiting for a hint, a signal - how the master behaves. He has become a shadow of the master. He is no longer a real dog.

To live with human beings is contagious - they destroy. You even destroy animals if they live with you, you don’t allow them their natural essence. You civilize them just as you have become civilized. You don’t allow nature to have its own way, you don’t allow Tao to have its own flow.

Essence is that which you bring into the world, the personality is that which the world imposes upon the essence. The world is very afraid of the essence because the essence is always rebellious. The essence is always individualistic, and the world does not need any individuals. It needs sheep, it does not need rebellious people. It does not need people like Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu - no, these people are dangerous. It wants people who are obedient - obedient to the status quo, obedient to the vested interests, obedient to the organized church, obedient to the state and the stupid politicians.

Society requires obedience, and society requires efficiency. The more mechanical you are, the more efficient you are. When you are more alive, you cannot be so efficient. A machine is more efficient than man. The society’s effort is to reduce every man into a machine. And how to reduce a man into a machine? Make him more and more unconscious, make him more and more robot-like, let his essence completely disappear from his consciousness, let him become perfectly pseudo. Let him be a husband, let her be a wife, a servant, a boss, this and that, but never let him be his essential self. Don’t allow that, because that essential self is not obedient to anybody except to God. It has no other commitment, its sole commitment is to the source. It knows no other masters.

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