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Chapter 9: Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

People who cannot love a person start loving God. They don’t know what they are doing. To talk to a person, to communicate to a person, is a difficult matter. It needs skill, it needs a very loving heart, it needs a very knowing heart, understanding heart. Only then can you touch a person, because to touch a person is to move in a dangerous arena - life is throbbing there also. And each person is so unique that you cannot be mechanical about it. You have to be very alert and watchful. You have to become more sensitive if you love a person; only then does understanding arise.

But to love a god who is somewhere sitting in the sky, it is a monologue. Go to the churches - people are talking to no one. They are as crazy as people you will find in the madhouses, but that madness is accepted by the society and this madness is not accepted, that is the only difference. Go to a madhouse; you will find people talking alone, nobody is there. They talk, and not only do they say something, they answer also. They make it look like a dialogue; it is a monologue. Then go to the churches and the temples; there people are talking to God. That too is a monologue, and if they really go mad they start doing both things: they say something and they answer also, and they feel that God has answered.

You cannot do that unless you have learned how to love a person. If you love a person, by and by the person becomes the door to the whole. But one has to start with the person, with the small, with the atomic. You cannot take the jump. The Ganges cannot simply jump into the ocean, it has to start in the Gangotri, just a small stream; then wider and wider and bigger and bigger it goes, and then finally it merges with the ocean.

The Ganga, the Ganges of love, also has to start just like a small stream, with persons, then it goes on becoming bigger and bigger. Once you know the beauty of it, the beauty of surrender, the beauty of insecurity, the beauty of being open to all that life gives - bliss and suffering both - then you get bigger and bigger and bigger and expand, and the consciousness finally becomes an ocean. Then you fall into God, into the divine. But because of fear you create insensitivity - and the society respects it. Society does not want you to be very alive because alive people are rebellious.

Look at a small child: if he is really alive he will be rebellious, he will try to have his own way. But if he is a dumb imbecile, an idiot, somehow stuck somewhere and not growing, he will sit in the corner perfectly obedient. You tell him to go, he goes; you tell him to come, he comes. You tell him to sit down, he sits; you tell him to stand, he stands. He is perfectly obedient because he has no personality of his own. The society, the family, the parents, will like this child. They will say, “Look, he is so obedient.”

I heard once: Mulla Nasruddin was talking to his son; he had come with a report card from his school. Mulla was expecting that he would receive an A, and he had received a D; in fact he was the last in the class. So Nasruddin said, “Look, you never obey me, whatsoever I say you disobey; now this has resulted. And look at the neighbors’ child - he always receives an A, always stands first in the class.” The child looked at Nasruddin and said, “But that’s a different matter - he has talented parents.” This child is very alive, but he has his own ways.

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