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Chapter 14: The New Man

It is a great moment of rejoicing that the young people all over the world are rebelling against all kinds of orthodoxies - whether the orthodoxy is that of church or state doesn’t matter. They are not ready to obey - not that they have determined to disobey, they are not determined to disobey either. They will meditate, and if they feel like obeying they will obey, if they feel like disobeying they will disobey. They have no fixed ideology. “My country right or wrong” - such stupid statements they cannot make. Sometimes it is wrong, sometimes it is right. When it is right, the New Man will support it, when it is wrong whether it is one’s own country or not doesn’t matter. It may be one’s own family - one’s own father, mother - but if it is wrong, it is wrong.

The New Man will live not out of prejudices but out of spontaneous responsibility. The Old Man was a slave, the New Man will be free. The New Man will have freedom at the very core of his being.

The Old Man was very serious, the Old Man was a workaholic. The New Man will be playful - homo ludens. He will believe in enjoying life. He will drop words like duty, sacrifice. He will not sacrifice for anything. He will not be a victim to any altar - that of the state or of the religion, of the priest or of the politician. He will not allow anybody to exploit his life that “Go and die because your country is at war.” His commitment is towards life, his commitment is not towards anything else. He wants to live in joy, he wants to rejoice in all the gifts of God, he wants to celebrate. Alleluia will be his only mantra.

Jesus says, “Rejoice, rejoice. I say unto you rejoice.”

Man has not rejoiced yet. Man has lived under a great burden of seriousness. Work for the country, work for the family, work for the wife, work for the children, work for your father and mother - just go on working and working and then one day die and disappear into the grave. And then others will work and it goes on and on. Nobody seems to have any time to enjoy life.

And I am not saying that the New Man will not work. He will work, but that will not be his addiction, he will not be a workaholic. It will not be a drug. He will work because he needs a few things, but he will not continuously work for more and more. He will not be accumulative. He will not believe in having a big bank balance, and he will not believe in being on a very high post. Rather, he would like to sing a song, play on the flute, on the guitar, dance. He would not like to become famous. He would like to live, authentically live. He will be ready to be a nobody.

And that is already happening. The first rays are already available. It is still hidden in the morning mist, but if you search you will find: the new children, the new generation, are a totally different kind of generation. Hence the generation gap, it is very real. It has never been so - never before has there been any generation gap. This is the first time in the whole of human history that there is a gap. The children are speaking a different language from their parents. The parents cannot understand because the parents want them to succeed. And the children say, “But what is the point of success if you cannot sing a song and you cannot dance, and you cannot enjoy and you cannot love, what is the point of being successful? Why? What is going to happen through success? Even if the whole world knows my name, what is that going to give me?”

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