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Chapter 1: The Mustard Seed

Struggle is not the key with the master, surrender is the key. And surrender has disappeared completely from the world. Many things have helped it: for three or four centuries man has been taught to be individualistic, egoistic; man has been taught not to surrender but to fight, not to obey but to rebel; man has been taught not to trust but to doubt. There has been a reason for it: it is because science grows through doubt. Science is deep skepticism. It works not through trust; it works through logic, argument, doubt. The more you doubt, the more scientific you become. The scientific path is the very opposite of the religious path.

Religion works through trust: the more you trust, the more religious you become. Science has worked miracles and those miracles are very visible. Religion has worked greater miracles, but those miracles are not so visible. Even if a buddha is there, what can you feel? What can you see? He is not visible: visibly, he is just a body; visibly, he is just as mortal as you are; visibly, he will become old and die one day. Invisibly, he is deathless. But you don’t have the eyes to see that which is invisible, you don’t have the capacity to feel the innermost, the unknown. That is why only trusting eyes, by and by, start to feel and become sensitive. When you trust, it means closing these two eyes. That is why trust is blind, just like love is blind, but trust is even more blind than love.

When you close both these eyes, what happens? An inner transformation happens. When you close the eyes which see outwardly, what happens to the energy which goes through the eyes? That energy starts moving backward. It cannot flow from the eyes toward objects, so it starts turning in, it becomes a turning. Energy has to move, energy cannot be static; if you close one outlet, it starts finding another. When both eyes are closed, the energy that was moving through these two eyes starts turning in, a conversion happens. That energy hits the third eye in you. The third eye is not a physical thing: it is just that the energy that moves through the eyes toward outside objects is now returning toward the source. It becomes the third eye, the third way of seeing the world. Only through that third eye is a Buddha seen; only through that third eye is a Jesus realized. If you don’t have that third eye, Jesus will be there but you will miss him; many missed him.

In his home town, people thought that Jesus was, “Just that carpenter Joseph’s son.” Nobody, nobody could recognize what had happened to this man: that he was no longer the carpenter’s son, that he had become God’s son. That is an inner phenomenon.

And when Jesus declared, “I am the son of the divine, my father is in heaven,” people laughed and said, “Either you have gone mad, or you are a fool or a very cunning man. How can a carpenter’s son suddenly become God’s son?” But there is a way.

Only the body is born out of the body. The inner self is not born out of the body, it is of the Holy Ghost, it is of the divine. But first you have to attain the eyes to see, you have to attain the ears to hear.

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