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Chapter 7: Only the Gold

Make the child so afraid! Shake him to his very roots! And those roots are very tender yet - a six-month-old child. Threaten him with gestures, with a deep hatred, enmity in your eyes, as if you are going to destroy the child himself. Make it clear to the child that either he or his self-will can live - both cannot be allowed to live. If he wants his self-will then he will have to die. Once the child comes to know that he can live only at the cost of self-will, he will drop his self-will and he will choose survival - that’s natural. Survival one has to choose first; everything else is secondary.

“And then one is master of the child forever. From now on, a glance, a word or a single threatening gesture is sufficient to rule the child.”

What happened to his own children? Nobody bothered..

Everybody liked the idea. Parents all over the world became very enthusiastic and everybody started trying to discipline their children. And that’s how, according to Schreber, the whole of Germany was disciplined. That paved the way for Adolf Hitler.

Such a beautiful country - intelligent - became the victim of a fool who was almost mad. And he ruled the whole country. How was it possible? It is still a question which has not been answered. How could he rule so many intelligent people so easily, with such foolish ideas?

These people were trained to believe. These people were trained not to be individuals. These people were trained always to remain in discipline. These people were trained that obedience is the greatest virtue. It is not! Sometimes it is disobedience which is the greatest virtue. Sometimes, of course, it is obedience. But the choice has to be yours: you have to consciously choose whether to obey or not to obey. That means you have to consciously remain the master in every situation, whether you obey or you disobey.

What happened to his own children? Just now the whole history of his children has come to light. “One of his daughters was melancholic and her doctor suggested putting her in a mad asylum. One of his sons suffered a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized. He recovered, but eight years later had a relapse and died in a madhouse. His other son went mad and committed suicide.” And the autopsies of both the sons proved that there was nothing wrong physically with their brains - still both went mad: one died in a madhouse, another committed suicide.

What happened? Physically their brains were perfect, but psychologically they were damaged. This mad father damaged all of his children. And that is what has happened to the whole of humanity.

Down the centuries, parents have been destroying people. They were destroyed by their parents, and so on and so forth. It seems to be a chronic state. Your parents were not happy; whatsoever they knew made them only more unhappy and more unhappy - and they trained you for it, and they have made a replica of themselves in you.

Arthur Koestler has coined a beautiful word for this whole nonsense. He calls it “bapucracy.” Bapu means father - it is an Indian term. Indians used to call Mahatma Gandhi “bapu.” This word bapucracy is perfect. India suffers more than any other country from bapucracy. The Indian leadership is still suffering from its bapu, Mahatma Gandhi.

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