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Chapter 5: Bound in Deep Togetherness

The snake can catch hold of its own tail; the dog cannot do it. Dogs try - you must have seen dogs trying - and the more they try, the more crazy they go, because the tail goes on jumping with them. They think it is something separate. They try to catch hold of it, and when they cannot catch hold of it.of course they try desperately, but the more they try the more they are at a loss. Only the snake can do it, no other animal.

The same happens in enlightenment: your energy starts moving upon itself, it becomes a circle.

God is your subjectivity; you cannot find God anywhere else. But once you have found God within you, you will find him everywhere else too. All the arguments are stupid, and these arguments are really childish. Whatever proofs have been given of God are so childish that one wonders what these theologians were doing. They prove by their arguments only one thing: that they were fools!

God is an experience, unprovable, because your senses cannot reach him. If God was an object, your senses will be able to reach. God is not a thought either, hence your mind cannot grasp it. But we have made God an object; statues have been created. Those statues are objects; they are made of stone or wood or some other material. And to make God an object is the greatest blasphemy because God is subjectivity. You are changing the whole idea of God; you are reducing it into a thing. God is not a thing.

That’s why Gautam the Buddha calls God “nothingness”. Remember, when he uses the word nothingness he means “no-thingness” - he does not negate. He is not saying there is no God; the word nothing simply means it is not a thing.

And the temples and the churches, they have all made God a thing, even though there may not be any statue - in the mosques there are no statues. But people are praying to God as if he is there, not deep in your own consciousness but somewhere else. It is the same! - whether you are bowing down to a statue or to a God somewhere above the clouds, still it is an object. Whom you are praying? Your prayer means that you have accepted the idea of God’s separateness from you - he has to be prayed. You are the prayer and he is the prayed. You are the praiser and he is the praised. The separation is accepted, and that is irreligiousness.

But people go on fighting on each and everything. In fact, they want to fight; fight seems to be their joy. Then God is one of the most beautiful excuses to fight because it can never be conclusively decided.

In a one-horse town in front of the general store two men were fighting. A ten year-old boy was among the spectators who were enjoying the battle. A stranger came along and asked the youngster what was going on.

“My father and a man are having a real fight,” explained the boy.

“Which one is your father?” the stranger asked.

“That,” said the boy, “is what they are fighting about!”

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