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Chapter 5: The Unity of Emptiness

In the beginning you feel as if everything has gone blurred, but by and by you settle in the new phenomenon, which is of no-mind. Then there are stars, but they are part of you, no longer objects. There are flowers and trees, but they flower in you, no longer outside. Then you live with the totality.

The barrier is broken - the barrier was your mind. Then for the first time there is no world, because “world” means the totality of objects. For the first time there is a universe, and universe means one. Remember the word uni. This you wrongly call a “universe”. Don’t call it a “universe”: for you it is a “multiverse” - many worlds, no longer one. It is not yet.

But when the mind drops, worlds disappear. There are no objects. Boundaries mingle and meet into each other. The tree becomes the rock, the rock becomes the sun, the sun becomes the star, the star becomes the woman you love, and everything is meeting and mingling into each other. And you are not there, separate. You are in it throbbing at the very heart, pulsating. Then it is a universe.

Mind drops, objects disappear - the source of dream has disappeared. What have you been doing? You have been trying to get a better dream, of course to no avail. But the whole effort of the mind is to get a better dream. Don’t think that mind can give you a better dream - a dream is a dream. Even if better, it will not be a satisfactory thing, it cannot give you a deep contentment. A dream is a dream!

If you are feeling thirsty you need real water, not dream water. If you are hungry you need real, substantial bread, not dream bread. For a few moments you may be able to deceive yourself, but for how long?

Every night it happens: you are hungry, the mind creates a dream - you are eating, you are eating delicious things. For a few minutes it is okay, even for a few hours it is okay, but for how long? Can you stay in this dream forever and ever?

It helps sleep, you don’t get disturbed. Otherwise hunger will disturb you, you will have to get up and go to the fridge. It helps: feeling that you are eating, you can go on sleeping; there is no need to go anywhere. But by the morning you will know that your mind deceived you.

Your whole life is just like a dream, and you are substituting dream objects for the reality. So every day everything is shattered, every day you are shocked into reality, because the reality goes on bumping from here and there. You cannot avoid it! A dream is a very fragile thing; reality goes on bumping and breaking in.

And it is good, it is for your good, that reality breaks your dreams, shatters them to pieces. But you again start collecting those pieces and creating other dreams. Drop it! You have done that enough. Nothing has been achieved. Now, no more of it!

Once you understand that dreaming has to be stopped the world of objects disappears. The world will be there, but not of objects. Then everything becomes alive, everything becomes subjective.

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