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Chapter 16: Making the Circle Complete

But even psychological orgasm is nothing compared to the spiritual orgasm, when two spirits - by “spirits” I mean two emptinesses, two zeros - overlap. Remember, two bodies can only touch; they cannot overlap because they are physical. How can two bodies be in the same space? It is impossible. So at the most you can have a close touch. Two bodies can only touch; even in sexual love two bodies only touch. The penetration is very superficial, it is not more than a touch, because two physical objects cannot exist in the same place. If I am sitting here in this chair then nobody else can sit in the same place. If a stone is lying in a certain place, you cannot put another thing in the same place. The space is occupied.

Physical objects occupy space, so two physical objects can only touch - that is the misery of love. If you know only physical love you will always be miserable because you will only be touching, and the deep desire is to become one. And two physical objects cannot become one. It is not possible.

A better communion happens with two psyches. They can come closest. But even then two thoughts cannot occupy the same space because thoughts are subtle things. They can touch far better, they can get intertwined far better than two things.things are very solid, thoughts are very liquid. When two lovers’ bodies meet it is like two stones coming together; when two psyches meet, it is like water and oil coming together. Yes, it is a better meeting, but still there is a subtle division.

Two thoughts cannot occupy the same space. When you are thinking one thought you cannot think another thought at the same time - the first thought will have to go, only then will you be able to pay attention to another thought. Only one thought can be in your mind at one time and in one space. So even friendship, psychological friendship, misses something, lacks something. It is better than the first, but nothing compared with the third.

Spiritual penetration is the only possibility of really being one with someone - because spirit means emptiness. Two emptinesses can be together. And why two? All the emptiness of the world can be together in one space. They can occupy the same space simultaneously, at the same time, there is no problem - because they are neither concrete like objects nor liquid like water, thoughts. They are simply empty of themselves. You can bring as many emptinesses together as possible.

That’s what happens around a master. When a buddha exists in the world, thousands of people will become disciples. And sometimes disciples become worried.

Just today there is a question from Nirgun: “Now that people are coming from faraway places and the ashram is becoming more and more crowded, how will you be able to give your love to your disciples? There are so many.”

The question seems relevant, it seems relevant from the physical point of view - but not from the spiritual point of view. I am not giving my love to anybody, I am simply love. If I am giving, then it must be a kind of thing, a quantity. Then certainly I can give only to so many and others will not be able to get it.

It is not a quantity, it is simply a quality. It is not confined, it is not defined. It does not occupy any space. I am just emptiness. So whether one disciple is here or one million disciples are here it will not make any difference. The difference it makes will depend on the disciple: if he is not ready to dissolve with my emptiness then he will miss.

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