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Chapter 23: The Moon Gathers Up the Ten Thousand Waters

Master Lu-Tsu said:
Four words crystallize the spirit in the space of energy.

You have the energy, you have all that you will ever need. Still you are poor, still you are a beggar. You have not used your energy. You have not opened your treasure yet. You have not even looked at what God has given to you. Without looking in you are rushing out, hence the misery. And the misery is going to remain, because you cannot find anything in the outside world that can satisfy you. Nobody has ever found anything in the outside world, not even the great Alexander. You can have the whole kingdom of the earth. You can become a chakravartin, the ruler of the whole earth, of all the seven continents.

You will be surprised: modern geography says there are only six continents, but the ancient Indian geography says there are seven continents. It must be Atlantis that they count in. And a person who rules over all the seven continents is called a chakravartin. Even if you become a chakravartin you will remain poor, you will not gain anything. In fact, you will have lost much, because your whole life you will have been struggling for the trivial, for the mundane, for the meaningless, for the futile - which is going to be taken away by death any moment. Unless you have something of the within, you are not going to become rich.

Only the kingdom of the within makes one rich, because even death cannot take it away. It cannot be robbed, it cannot be destroyed, it cannot be taken away. Once you have known it, it is yours forever.

You have the inner space, you have the inner energy. All is available, just that you have not looked into it. You have the beautiful veena but you have not even touched it, you have not even seen what music it contains. You have almost become oblivious to it.

Lu-Tsu says, Four words.only four words can crystallize your being, can create an emperor in you, can make you a Buddha or a Christ or a Krishna. What are those four words?

Now try to understand these four metaphors.


In the sixth month white snow is suddenly seen to fly.


At the third watch the sun’s disk sends out blinding rays.


In the water blows the wind of the Gentle.

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