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Chapter 13: Reverence for Life

It is a very strange thing: love appears indecent because of your irreverence for life. And love is the most profound flower of life. If two people are seen fighting on the road nobody will point out that it is indecent. But if two people are seen sitting lovingly under a tree with their arms around each other, it is deemed indecent! Violence is not indecent, but love is! Why is love indecent? And why isn’t violence? Violence is destruction, love is life. So it means that you have reverence for death, and irreverence for life.

It is surprising: when films are made on war, no government raises any objection to them. These films are full of violence and destruction, but no government in the world will declare these films to be indecent. Yet whenever love is depicted in a film, all the governments become worried. The government decides how far away you need to be from each other before you can kiss: whether the distance should be six inches or four inches. It decides that the kiss becomes indecent after so many inches, and is decent from so many inches apart! But if you knife someone on the screen, then it is not thought to be indecent, then no one says that the knife should be at least six inches away.

It is worth looking at where the problem lies. Why is kissing considered sinful and knifing not? A kiss is a friend of life, and a knife is a friend of death. No one has any objection to the knife. We are all suicidal, we are all murderers. We are all enemies of love. Why this enmity? If we were to go deeply into it, we would find that we do not have any reverence for life.

Moreover, if two people are sitting lovingly together, not harming anyone, it is their personal affair, their personal joy. And if this is causing you trouble, you should search within yourself. There is a lack of love in your life; your sexual desire has not been gratified yet, it remains unfulfilled. Your sexual desire has become a disease, it has become a wound. But the people who are bringing me this news will not admit that they are troubled by sexual longings. Instead, they complain: “What is all this that is going on?”

Focus on yourself, examine your own way of looking at things. Don’t worry about others. And always bear one thing in mind: what do you respect? Is it life?

Two people who are in love, standing hand in hand is one of the most beautiful phenomena on this earth. And if love is not beautiful, then the flowers cannot be beautiful either, then the songs of the birds cannot be beautiful either because a flower is also a manifestation of love and a manifestation of the tree’s sexuality. Through it, the tree is creating its seeds, creating its sperm. If it is not beautiful then the morning song of the birds cannot be called beautiful, because it too is either a call for the beloved, or the search for a lover - it too is a sexual longing.

If a person is full of irreverence for life then he finds nothing beautiful in the world. Everything becomes obscene. And if you don’t see your so-called obscenity in the flowers, it is only because you have no idea about the sexuality of the flowers. When the spring comes, the earth becomes youthful. That joy which you see being manifested all around in nature, that festival and dance of color, that celebration, is also this sexual energy.

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