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Chapter 6: The Door to the Wild

And you will see maturity coming very soon - and without maturity life is not worth anything. Because all that is beautiful happens only in a mature mind, all that is great happens only in a mature mind. To be a grown-up is a blessing. But people simply grow up - they never become grown-ups. In age they go on growing, but in consciousness they go on shrinking. Their consciousness remains in the fetus; it has not come out of the egg, it is not yet born. Only your body is born - you are yet unborn.

Take your life into your own hands: it is your life. You are not here to fulfill anybody else’s expectations. Don’t live your mother’s life and don’t live your father’s life, live your life. And when you start living your life, you are living God’s life.

The second question:

Why should people suppress the sublime? What is so threatening about paradise?

There is. There is much that is threatening about paradise.

People are very much afraid of happiness. You will be surprised, because ordinarily you always say, “I am hankering for happiness. I want all that is possible in life.” But my own observation is.and it is not mine alone, it is the observation of all the observers, of all the ages. I have been working with thousands of people, but this observation becomes stronger every day - that people cling to misery, they don’t want to be happy.

In fact nobody is hindering them from being happy - they can be happy right now, nothing is missing. But they cling to the misery. They talk about happiness - because they are miserable, so naturally they talk about happiness. The more miserable they are, the more they talk about happiness, the more they seek and search and the more they create much noise - “I want happiness. I want happiness.” But they don’t drop the misery that they are carrying - and unless they drop it, they cannot become happy.

You cannot become happy with a miserable mind. Happiness is not somewhere waiting for you. Happiness is just absence of misery, that’s all - once you stop creating misery, you are happy. Happiness is man’s nature. You need not worry about happiness at all, it is already there. It is in your heart - you just have to stop being unhappy, you have to stop the mechanism functioning which creates unhappiness.

But nobody seems to be ready for that. People say, “I want happiness.” It is as if you go on saying, “I want health” - and you go on clinging to your disease, and you don’t allow the disease to go. If the doctor prescribes the medicine, you throw away the medicine; you never follow any prescription. You never go for a morning walk, you never go swimming, you never go running on the beach, you never do any exercise. You go on eating obsessively, you go on destroying your health - and again and again you go on asking where to find health. But you don’t change the mechanism that creates unhealth.

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