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Chapter 5: Naturally Moral

Try to understand the difference between thinking and observation. In this process we are not to think. Thinking is the action of the conscious within the conscious. Observation is the penetration of the unconscious by the conscious. As soon as thinking comes in, the distinction of good and evil comes in and a subtle suppression starts. The unconscious then closes its doors and we are deprived of knowing its mysteries. The unconscious reveals its secrets not to thought but to observation, because in the absence of suppression its impulses and tendencies surface naturally, spontaneously, in their total nakedness and reality, and there remains no need to dress them up to hide them. The unconscious stands before us in its nakedness, completely uncovered. And what terror it causes! How frightened a man is when he sees the naked form that resides deep in his own self. He feels like closing his eyes to it. He feels like abandoning this observation of the depths and running back to the surface.

This is the moment when one’s patience and tranquillity are put to the test. This, I call the moment of a quantum leap. Those who pass through this moment with courage and calmness become masters of a wonderful knowledge and mystery. They have seen the roots of desire and passion and they enter the very heart of the unconscious. This entry brings an otherworldly freedom.

From right awareness to observation, from observation to knowing, from knowing to liberation - this is the path. This is the path of religion, this is meditation. I want you to understand this path and to walk along it. Only then will you understand the alchemy of the transformation of behavior through inner revolution. Then you will see that morality does not come first. First comes religion, morality is its outcome. It is not morality but religion that is to be accomplished. Morality follows in the wake of religion as the tracks of the wheels of a bullock-cart follow the cart. If this becomes clear to you, you will see a very great truth, and a great illusion will be dispersed.

I see the transformation of man’s life through this inner revolution, through this penetration of the unconscious by consciousness. On the basis of this science a new man can be born and the foundations of a new humanity and a new culture can be laid.

Such a man, one who has been awakened with self-realization, is naturally moral. He does not have to cultivate morality. It is not the result of his effort and his endeavor. It radiates from him as light radiates from a lamp. His good conduct is not based on an opposition to his unconscious mind but comes out of the totality of his inner being. He is totally present in each of his acts. There is no multiplicity in him, but unity. Such a man is whole, integrated; such a man is free of duality.

And the music one hears when one has gone beyond all inner duality is neither of this world nor of this time. A timeless immortal music penetrates us in that peace, in that non-duality, in that innocence, and we become one with it.

To me, this realization is “God.”