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Chapter 28: Be a Joke unto Yourself

When you love a woman, you know her. You know her not as the gynecologist knows her, you know her in a totally different way. You don’t know her physiology, you don’t know her material existence, but you know her spiritual presence. Love, only love, is capable of knowing the spiritual presence. You fall in love not with the physical body; you fall in love with the spiritual presence of a person. But that is available only in trust.

In science, trust is utterly useless. In religion, doubt is utterly useless. So it is up to you. If you have come here to study what is happening here scientifically, then you are welcome. You can go according to your own thoughts - don’t call them feelings, please. You can go on according to your head - don’t call it your heart, it is not. You are welcome: be here, study, observe, come to certain conclusions - but they will remain hypotheses.

But if you have come to be transformed, not only to be informed, then you will have to understand that there is a different door. And that door is trust. Trust is an absurd phenomenon, logically absurd. That’s why logic always says love is blind, although love has its own eyes, going far deeper - but to logic it is blind.

Logic ridicules love, and love smiles knowingly at the whole foolishness of logic.

If you have come here with a logical approach.study, observe, come to some conclusions, but they are not going to transform you; that much you must be aware of. If you have come to be transformed, then fall in love. Then forget the head, then let there be a contact heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit. Then there is no need to be too much concerned with what you see, your whole concern should be with what you feel. Then you should not be too much concerned in collecting information, but being in celebration with me.

Then don’t take much note of what I say, take note of what I am. Listen to my silences, the pauses, the gaps, the intervals - I am more there. Then you will become aware of a totally different world existing here: the buddhafield. It is an energy field; you have to be open and vulnerable to it, only then it can permeate you, pervade you, overwhelm you.

The third question:

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