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Chapter 9: Cultivating Right Attitudes

You sow the seeds of hell, and when it becomes a tree then you say, “Why am I so miserable?” You always pay attention to the wrong. You always look to that which is negative. You always pay attention to the fault, then you become faulty.

Don’t pay attention to the fault. Pay attention to the beautiful. Why count the thorns? Why not see the flower? Why count the nights? Why not count the days? If you count the nights, then there are two nights and only one day between the two. If you count the days, then there are two days and only one night in between. And it makes a lot of difference. Look at the light side if you want to become light. Look at the dark if you want to become dark.

Says Patanjali:

Also, meditate on one who has attained desirelessness.

Seek a master, surrender to a master. Be attentive to him. Listen, watch, eat and drink him. Let him enter you, allow your heart to be filled with him. Soon you will be on a journey, because the object of attention ultimately becomes the goal of your life. And attention is a secret relationship. Through attention you become the object of your attention.

Krishnamurti goes on saying, “The observer becomes the observed.” And he is right: whatsoever you observe, you will become. So be alert! Beware! Don’t observe something which you would not like to become, because that is your goal; you are sowing the seeds.

Live near a veetaraga, a man who is beyond desires. Live near a man who has no more to fulfill here, who is fulfilled. His very fulfilledness will overflood you, and he will become a catalyst.

He will not do anything, because a man who is beyond desires cannot do anything. Even he cannot help you, because help is also a desire. Much help comes through him, but he doesn’t help you. He becomes a catalyst without doing anything. If you allow him, he drops into your heart and his very presence crystallizes you.

Enough for today.